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24Hrs Explains Why Poppy Is His Favorite Venue In Los Angeles

Read the full interview on! 24hrs sophomore album World On Fire, with standout features from label mates Tyo, Salma, and even DMX. 24Hrs is a lot of things, but a recording artist is at the very top. If you’ve heard his hit singles “What…

October 31, 2019

Angel Brinks Has All The Style Inspiration You Need This Fall

Read the full interview on! Angel Brinks made it clear she was poppin’ before the VH1 show Angel Brinks is far more than a reality TV star, she’s a badass fashion designer who turned her company into an empire. While you may have seen…

September 23, 2019

Sam Blacky Summertime Playlist

Read the full interview on! Sam Blacky is your favorite female DJ… period! Born and raised in San Diego, Sam calls herself the “wild child” — as evidenced for her love for both music and partying. Sam Blacky Photo by Sophia Sinclair Sam…

July 8, 2019

Struggles Independent Artists go through according to Codi Smith

Read the full interview on! Couch surfing, self-producing and distributing, social media anxiety, playing free shows, and creative ego clashing, Codi Smith shares struggles independent artists can relate to. Codi Smith Photo by Jhana Parits Dream Chasing Codi Smith is a self-described “pop…

April 14, 2019

Julien Edwards: The Intersection of Music & Fashion in LA

Read the full interview on! “Me and Pusha T are really cool. Me and Travis Scott are really cool. I’ve had Rihanna hang out. It was really packed and I kept stepping on her feet. [laughs] I was like ‘yo my bad.’ She’s…

March 16, 2019

Style Guide For The Nightlife Elite With Hardy Vibert

Read the full article on! Aside from promoting clubs, Hardy Vibert’s fashion is one that does not go unnoticed. He states, “I’ve always had a thing for fashion forever. I always like well-dressed ‘cause the European style is dress up: suits, slacks, dress…

March 14, 2019