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Slidin’ Thru: The Reasn

Read the full interview on! After hearing The Reasn’s voice, it’s almost immediate you’ll become a fan. Hailing from Missouri, the singer, songwriter, and rapper has the capability of fuzing genres such as R&B, pop, rock, and hip-hop, unleashing smooth, sultry ballads for…

March 11, 2019

Hella Juiced: Maya B

Read the full interview on! At just 20 years old, Maya B has already gotten the cosign from DJ Khaled, sat in the studio with Pharrell, and signed a deal with a major label. Hailing from Los Angeles, the singer, songwriter, painter, overall…

October 25, 2018

Slidin’ Thru: Yung Baby Tate

Read the full interview on! Yung Baby Tate is a rare breed, in the best way possible. Hailing from Atlanta and heavily influenced by trap and 808’s, the female singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer is a star in the making. While her music…

October 15, 2018

Hella Juiced: Rexx Life Raj

Read the full interview on! If you’re from the Bay, you’re probably very familiar with Rexx Life Raj. If you’re not, listen to “Handheld GPS,” and you’ll be sold. Not only does the Berkeley rapper carry the West Coast’s signature sound, his versatility…

December 20, 2017