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Lil Bam: The Julio Jones Of The Rap Game

Read the full interview on! Lil Bam is next up out of Birmingham, Alabama. Calling himself “the motherf##king Don,” which is also tattooed on his stomach, real name Keshawn Hampton claims to be “the rawest rapper out of Birmingham. The smooth-talking assassin, the hustlin’…

August 6, 2020

Yowda Reveals The Best Advice Rick Ross Ever Gave Him

Read the full interview on! Yowda describes himself as the “King of Nevada!” Born and raised in Las Vegas, the “Criminal Mind” rapper reps his city down to the core. Crossing over all the way to the East Coast, Yowda is signed to…

October 24, 2019

Gunplay: Raw And Unfiltered

Read the full interview on! Gunplay keeps it mad real.  Off the rip, he describes himself as “a two-time felon trying to make something of my goddamn self.” Born in Texas but moving to New York and eventually Miami at 10 years old,…

October 22, 2019