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Women of Weed: Jessica Cadmus of Rogue Paq

Read the full interview on! Nowadays, cannabis consumption has been at an all-time high — and we are here for it! Of course for stoners all around the world, it’s vital to always have your weed kit on deck in times of need.…

March 23, 2022

Willy J Peso: Here To Take Rap and Weed To A New Planet

Read the full interview on! Detroit, Michigan is home to a slew of talent, especially when it comes to the rap game. Willy J Peso is the newest face on the scene. Not only does he arrive with his own unique flow and rhymes,…

May 25, 2021


Read the full interview on! ‘Til this day, there is no rapper that sounds like OMB Peezy. The Mobile, Alabama-born, Sacramento, California-raised native arrives with his own accent, his own swag, his own personality, and his own story. When you’re in the projects,…

June 8, 2020

B-Real Lists Favorite Weed Strains On His 50th Birthday

Read the full interview on! It’s officially B-Real’s birthday! Celebrating 50 years of life, the Los Angeles native is a legend in the rap game. From his early days leading the pact for famed rap group Cypress Hill to his own solo artistry to…

June 2, 2020

Hella Juiced: Slim 400

Read the full interview on! If you’ve seen YG perform at any of shows, you probably saw Slim 400 right next to him, emceeing and serving as his hypeman. While he’s been consistently putting out his own music and records for his loyal fanbase, he’s…

May 9, 2019

For Insomnia, A Warm Joint Works Like Warm Milk

Read the full article on! Insomnia is the main reason I obtained by medical marijuana card. Like many who suffer from mental health illnesses or addiction, I find insomnia is the No. 1 trigger for my anxiety. Ever since high school, I remember sleepless nights…

July 17, 2018