EXCLUSIVE: Floyd Mayweather Gets Down To Business, Opens A New World-Class Gym

July 28, 2018

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Floyd Mayweather took some time out from beefing with 50 Cent to open a brand new gym in Los Angeles.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Floyd Mayweather’s success goes far beyond the boxing ring.

On Friday, July 27, he opened his Mayweather Boxing + Fitness flagship gym in Los Angeles with a VIP Grand Opening reception, hosted by the boxing legend himself.

The evening started with a Q&A, which began shortly after Mayweather arrived on the scene.

Pulling up in his 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom, Floyd was immediately hounded by the people.

Whether you were media, friends, family, or a member of the studio, you recognized the greatness that resides in Floyd and his name.

This isn’t just a brand, it’s a legacy. The packed gym was a sight in itself, equipped with top-notch equipment and the latest in technology.

Everywhere you looked, the gold Mayweather logo was present.

Stepping inside the gold-roped rings, Floyd stood tall in his navy blue suit and shiny dress shoes.

He began with an apology and explanation for his tardiness.“I’m happy to be here,” he stated. “I apologize for being late, but I have a very busy schedule. The Mayweather Boxing and Fitness, this is our first gym. We’re looking forward to opening up gyms all over the world.

”Standing alongside CEO James Williams, he continued, “I couldn’t do it by myself, so I had to choose the right people and the right team. I’m happy to everyone that joined this team because I feel like we all are one, and can all work together to grow as one. It’s about being positive, it’s about believing, and it’s about working hard. If you feel good, you look good, I feel like we’ve done our job.”

Part of the immersive training experience that members receive is access to Floyd’s secret programs, workouts, and routines that have kept him afloat in boxing for over 20 years.

This lead to a heartfelt speech about humility and respect.

“Once you reach a certain level, you’re no longer a celebrity. Once you reach this status worldwide, you become a legendary icon. But you can never take nothing for granted. I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I like to surround myself with smart people and have a smart team. I surround myself with true businessmen, and that’s what I did throughout my career.”

Aside from being one the world’s most successful athletes, Floyd remembers who he does it all for first and foremost: his family.

“A lot of times you see me flashy or flamboyant, but I knew what it took to get to a certain level. So I’m able to take care of my family. I was just talking to my young fighter about this before we came in here: short-term sacrifices for long-term rewards. The same lifestyle I was living when I was in the ring is the same lifestyle while my career is over, while I’m retired. What I do for my fighters, I like to drill them and constantly tell them about making smart investments. Teach them about longevity, not just short term.”

The young Floyd was referencing goes by the name of Gervonta Davis, who the champ believes is ready to carry his torch.

“This kid, Gervonta Davis — he’s a two-time world champion, started at the same weight class I started at actually, at 130 — I’m happy to just have this young kid under my banner. I truly believe he could be the next Floyd Mayweather or the next Pay-Per-View star. Records are made to be broken. And if anyone can break my records or my records that I broke in the sport of boxing, he could be the kid that can do it.”

Before the open workout that ensued, one lucky attendee got to hop in the ring to enjoy a demo with the virtual reality equipment.

In line with his global expansion mentality, Floyd created this virtual experience to include those who are unable to make it to a physical location.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.”

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