April 22, 2019

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Ben Baller is one of the most well-known, well-respected jewelers in the music business, period. In fact, his most recent piece for Kid Cudi’s 35th birthday — a custom $275K BAPE chain inspired by Nigo — speaks for itself. Plus, he’s got the “entrepreneur-on-the-go” look on lock.

With Ben being a direct product of the City of Angels, it was only right for him to team up with K Swiss for its We Are The West campaign, which was celebrated with a party and motivational panel at Foot Action in downtown Los Angeles. While Ben brings his many talents into the world — whether it’s fashion, diamonds, or even being such a vital component to hip-hop culture — it’s his business and entrepreneurship that we treasure the most.


Speaking to We Take Note exclusively, he gave his number one piece of advice for other entrepreneurs who hope to follow in his footsteps.

“If you’re under 25, go for it and fall on your motherfucking ass. Fall flat on your face and fail, and learn why you failed. I’ll see people talk about ‘my record was 30 and 2; my record was 27 and 0.’ — My score was 15 and 15. Because I fucked around and went out there and tried EVERYTHING.”

10 years later, his work can be reflected through his 1.3M followers on Instagram, his two businesses VVS Vape Pens and IF & Co., which creates custom pieces for some of music’s biggest names such as Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg — the list is endless.


In regards to the numbers game, he states, “Not to say I don’t have any compassion, but you gotta remember all you guys are running sprints. You’re looking at numbers too much. I’m running the marathon thinking about some whole other shit for the long term. Once I’m focused on that, it’s a hard thing to do. I’ve never been a patient person. I’m not a patient person now. When I go in the restaurant, I want the waitress to know what I want already and to put it on the table.

People say you have to live for today, but Ben says plan 10 years ahead. With three beautiful children and a wife tucked away in the Hills, he doesn’t fuck around. He makes sure his kids will live the best life, &and that’s done by “not fucking around and focusing on what’s ahead.”


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