Kalan.FrFr Is After Drake Level Success

June 11, 2019

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The buzzing L.A. rapper/singer is putting on for Crenshaw/Carson.

It’s crazy to think Kalan.FrFr only started making music in 2016. The Los Angeles singer and rapper hails from the Crenshaw/Carson area, and puts on for his city with all that he does. As for his sound, he describes it as “ratchet beats with R&B harmonies.”

Growing up in the hood, Kalan always had a good head on his shoulders. In fact, Nipsey Hussle had even DM’ed him the day he passed. The two were slated to get together in the studio to create some heat, but unfortunately Nip was shot in his own city.

When it comes to his values, he plans to stay true to himself. He states, “If it’s not going to make me better, I don’t want to do it.”

AllHipHop caught up with Kalan.FrFr about Jon B’s influence on his career, his Top 5, and why he aspires to be like Drake.


AllHipHop: “Fine Ass” is going up!

Kalan.FrFr: Yeah it’s going. It picked up organically. It did radio. Everything’s going smooth.

AllHipHop: What was Jon B’s influence on your career?

Kalan.FrFr: I listen to a lot of R&B music. My mom played a lot of R&B music growing up. I was heavy into that. If it wasn’t R&B, it was Mystikal. That’s where the ratchet side comes from. Just a mixture of that and all those love songs, Jon B the goat.

AllHipHop: Who’s in your Top 5 right now?

Kalan.FrFr: Future. I’ve been listening to Ralo a lot, he from Atlanta. I’ve been listening to a lot of Brent Faiyaz. That’s pretty much it. I don’t really get stuck on one artists. I listen to a lot of different music, I more look for vibes. I’ve been listening to a lot of slow music, a lot of love songs. Like Jhene Aiko’s new record “Triggered,” that’s dope. She just dropped it, it’s hard.

AllHipHop: You say you love Drake. What do you see in Drizzy?

Kalan.FrFr: Me not knowing him personally, and not knowing what goes on. Me as a consumer, he’s flawless. He hasn’t missed. There’s not one Drake song I don’t like. I’m trying to do whatever he doing. We got a lot of work to do.

AllHipHop: Favorite person to follow on IG?

Kalan.FrFr: Ella Mai. I don’t even follow her, I just look on her page every day. I creep on her page. She cool, her music is dope.

AllHipHop: What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.

Kalan.FrFr: Get up, get on Indy nerves (manager). Go feed my dog, walk my dog. I got an English bulldog.

AllHipHop: What if you’re on tour?

Kalan.FrFr: He stay with my mom. He be with my mom most of the time. I go walk him when she at work, I’ll watch some of my soaps, my little Netflix series. Then hit the studio from like 10pm to 6am in the morning. Other than that, if I don’t have shows or something I gotta do I try to watch TV to keep my mind off of music because I be so focused on it. You get influences from anywhere, just living life. I try to watch Netflix series, stuff like that.

AllHipHop: What shows do you like?

Kalan.FrFr: Good Girls is great, that’s a great series. I’ve been watching Black Lightning, started to get into it. The show is dope.

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