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October 23, 2019

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Drego Beno describe themselves as the “richest motherfuckers from the Midwest,” putting on for their hometown of Detroit in all that they do. With Drego as the lead lyricist and Beno as the entertainer, the two go together like yin and yang. Growing up in the D, both artists were exposed to the reality of the streets: hustling, shootouts, killing, you name it. Read more…

Speaking on their hometown, Drego states, “It makes you aware of stuff. If you’re from Detroit, you can make it anywhere ‘cause you know how to get out of any situation.” Fast forward to 2019, they have officially turned their street hustle into the rap game, unleashing bangers for their ever-growing fanbase. Most recently, they unleashed their new project Meet Us Outer Space, home to standout single “Slatt Season 2.”

For those who don’t know, who is Drego & Beno?
Drego: We a rap virtuoso. We’re versatile, there’s nothing that we can’t do. Rap, sing, melody, harmonize, dance, fuck the club up.
Beno: Pretty much everything he just said.

How would you describe your sound?
Beno: I describe our sound as authentic. We got our own personal sound, nobody can copy this. We got a discombobulated sound, an unorthodox sound. Our shit is everywhere for real. We rap about everything. We ain’t rapping just about specific things, we rap about everything because we do everything.
Drego: We try to do everything.

How did you guys meet?
Beno: This my godbrother so we met when we were younger, when we were 9 years old. Ever since, we been locked in. Tapped in ever since.
Drego: Shit been on the floor ever since!

At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal?
Beno: Last year in 2018, we dropped our first mixtape Sorry For The Get Off. It hit the top charts (top 50) so we were excited about that. That was our first ever project ever and it went on the top charts.

What was the inspiration behind your names?
Drego: We got our names from the hood. Nicknames from somebody’s party, it just sticks on you sometime.
Beno: I got my name from my daddy, I’m a junior. That’s my nickname, I got it from him. I’m Little Beno and he Big Beno.

How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist?
Beno: It’s very important to come to LA because it’s damn near where most artists blow up at. When they come out here, they get a lot of experience from a lot of good artists out here. You get a better experience on what you trying to do out here, music-wise.

What’s your favorite part about the West Coast?
Drego: Really learning about different cultures, foods, etc. As far as being an artist, it’s open. People are willing to teach you stuff. Where I’m from, they don’t teach you nothing. You can go Diamond just from being here, there’s only 600 thousand people where I’m from. This shit is big as hell. We sit here and drop a tape or album, we can go Diamond just being here. It’s a big ass market. It’s hard for people to adapt to it and your music to get heard. For people to listen to our music out here is real big to us, we really love LA for loving us.

How is your fanbase here compared to in the D?
Drego: It’s the #2 place that plays our music besides Detroit.
Beno: It goes straight from Detroit to LA. That’s what’s crazy, we thought it was going to be the Bay, but it’s here. It’s LA.

Congrats on Meet Us Outer Space. What is the significance in the title?
Beno: Thank you. It really means we’re on a different level than where we were. This is the polished us. We singing, we harmonizing our words. We ain’t just rapping on the song, we’re expanding our talent.
Drego: Meet Us Outer Space really trying to tell you we were high as fuck. We were outer space with this shit. You might of blew your bag, we probably blew a bag fucking around with this shit. We had to crawl back out the closet fucking around with this shit.

What were ya’ll on recording it?
Drego: We record anywhere we can get in at. We engineer our own stuff so when we come out here — one time I’m working with this good ass engineer named Danny. Man it made me so happy ‘cause he’s running it! He’s EQ’ing it with the knobs, he’s running like sweating. He was EQ’ing it and mixing it with his hands while I’m recording, I’m like “oh my gosh.” I can’t even get nobody to record me in Detroit.
Beno: Hell nah. We had to learn how to engineer ourselves.

How are the studios out there compared to here?
Beno: They got some decent ones but shit, you gotta know where you going. If you want a good quality studio, you gonna come out of bankroll in Detroit. It’s not just people inviting you to their studio and letting you record there, they’re charging in Detroit. The good studios are charging.
Drego: They don’t care who you are.

“Slatt Season 2.” Talk about Slatt being an A term.
Beno: Slatt is a Blood word for real. It’s really something for the Crips.
Drego: Really, we sliming you in. This my Slime, this is brother. We really saying we Sliming our fans.
Beno: Slatt is just for yo mans, like “what up Slatt? What up my mans? What up my baby?” Slatt!

Are ya’ll still in the streets?
Drego: We ain’t gonna talk about that…
Beno: Kinda. [chuckles] We’ll pull up, fuck with our n*ggas in the streets. But we business guys now.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
Drego: Game. We want to give you our game. We want to tell you what’s going on in the streets, see if you wanna do it or not. Because this shit is a monster, it will eat you up. You can go to jail. You can die. You can get drugged out. You can lose all your money. You gotta be able to take this shit. You gotta be able to survive out here, shit’s survival of the fittest.

Talk about being part of the TF family.
Drego: Them my babies. Them my guys, that’s my family.
Beno: TF Family, they my guys bruh. They damn near showed us what’s going on in the music world for real.

What’s TF stand for?
Both: The Family.
Beno: They showing us how to really move out here in different states, in the music. For instance, we go to New York, we come out here, the Bay, they taught us how to stay low.

How did you find them?
Drego: We from the same city! Mutual friends.
Beno: We know them. I grew up with some people in Trey Gang. When I started rapping, a c̶o̶u̶p̶l̶e̶ lot of them went to jail. The ones who were rapping like Moz, I knew Moz since I was a little kid so we just linked. After that, it happened from there.
Drego: When we were coming up, we didn’t have a lot of videos. We just had audio so they didn’t know that was us. When they found out it was us, they’re like “ohh shit! Oh that’s little bro, they going crazy.” We just fucked them up.

What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?
Drego: A million dollars.

How close are you?
Drego: We close as fuck to a million dollars.

Is that street money or rap money?
Drego: We in retirement.
Beno: We trying to clean this shit now. We probably got half in drug money and street money, trying to get the other half cleaned up.
Drego: We trying to figure out how to get it all the way, so we ain’t gotta fuck around no more.

3 things you need in the studio?
Beno: We need a pint of lean, a good engineer, and some good bud.
Drego: And some good beats. Well, I make beats. It’s on the floor now, I got my sauce. It’s good. Need some good beats, some lean, and a good ass engineer. That’s it.

I know a lot of people that fall asleep off that shit.
Beno: We so used to it.
Drego: We stay up. We fight it.
Beno: People say lean makes you go to sleep but really when you on lean heavy, you be up all day. You only get four hours of sleep when you on lean.
Drego: Only time you really fall asleep is when you not doing nothing. When you riding in the car or some shit, you nod off.

You get fat?
Beno: It’ll bloat you up.
Drego: It slows down your metabolism. Slows down your heart rate, everything.

Do you drink it straight or do you mix it?
Drego: I drink it straight sometimes. That shit tastes good as hell. That shit be chill.
Beno: I drink it straight, it depends what type of mode I’m in. In Detroit, we drink lean like water down there. It’s like a competition down there, that’s why lean is so hot down there right now. We drink it all.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
Beno: Thug. Young Thug is the most played on my phone, that’s my favorite rapper.

Favorite song off So Much Fun?
Beno: Gotta be “Big Tipper.” You gotta listen to what he’s saying! He’s a big tipper, big dripper, he’s everything in this world! And my guy Lil Keed on there.
Drego: My favorite artist is Future, probably the first song off his last album Save Me. “Xanax Damage,” that’s my favorite one. It made me feel a connection with my girls. I can only fuck with ya’ll when I’m high, I’ma beat ya’ll ass if you say some dumb shit (not really). I can only fuck with you when I’m off the drugs, or it’s gonna go left.

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