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October 30, 2019

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Jay Furr is the hottest new artist to come out of San Bernardino. The West Coast spitter prides himself in his trap, down South style of rapping, influenced heavily (and mainly) by Chief Keef growing up in high school. Beyond just the sound, it was Keef’s unique style and swag that Jay took a liking to, carrying that own mentality into his own craft. Read more…

While school wasn’t for him, the 18-year-old makes sure to encourage his fans to stay in school. After getting kicked off the football team his sophomore year of high school, he had no choice but to get money on his own in the streets. With a knack for hustle and getting guap by any means, Jay soon turned that same focus and passion into the music.

Now, he’s unleashed his debut tape Furr Season 1 and established his own lane of Furrstyles, freestyles unique to him and his brand.

For those who don’t know, who is Jay Furr?
I’m me. I’m from San Bernardino, CA. I’m 18. I’m just a young n*gga trying to make it, for family and all that. It’s gon’ be good.

How would you describe your sound?
It’s more trap, like a down South type of sound. That’s the type of beats: I like a lot of 808s, real dark trap beats. That’s really what it is. Real raw, I just want to hop on it and go raw.

Being from San Bernardino, what was the upbringing like in the household?
I mean, it’s good. You have to work, go out and get yours. It’s hard, there’s a lot of poverty around. If you just stick it out, it gets good though. You just have to get to it, work on it, then it’s straight.

What was the inspiration behind your name?
That’s my name. Furr’s my real last name. It’s unique, nobody could have that. You could make it up, but that’s my real name. It’s me. I ain’t have to make nothing up, I ain’t have to make a nickname.

Bring us back to the studio session for “GET EM!”
That was with my bro Nate, RIP Nate. He had booked that session for me in December, me and my cousin were up in there. We started punching in basically, that shit took about 30 minutes. I went home after that. On everything, after I did the song I got too high. We were in bro’s car and Nate took me home. Drove me in bro’s car, I took off.

What inspired the Furrstyles?
I didn’t want to keep naming every song “freestyle.” I wanted to start something, I didn’t want to ride nobody’s else wave. So instead of doing one minute freestyles, “1Min FURRSTYLE” — you can’t copy it because it’s me. I wanted to do it like that to show the originality of it. Furrstyles are me.

Talk about linking with Warhol on “City 2 City.”
Warhol, that’s my brother. That’s my big bro, he showed love. I met him out here fasho. We have mutual friends, big bros with my homies and shit. I linked up with him, it was all love from there. That’s my big bro so he gon’ look out.

Talk about making the record with him
So “City 2 City,” I had already shot the video for that by myself. The song was already done. My bro Ant, he sent me the beat and I did it. We were at the studio together when I did the song, but I’m like “I want my bro on this shit. I need the bro on this shit.” I just reached out, sent him the song. Pulled up to the studio, he did it in front of me. On God, that n*gga took 10 minutes and he was done.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
I want them to know how it is to grow up in San Bernardino, but without having to gangbang and do all types of other shit. Everybody thinks you got to gangbang. We still in the streets, we still have it hard but we still maintain. On God, ain’t no other way to put it. I just dealt with it, figured my own way out. I ain’t take nobody’s else layout. Didn’t do no school lay out, I’m straight.

You say “I make this look easy, but it’s really a process.” Talk about the independent grind.
It’s a lot that comes with making money, getting money, or even just trying to elevate. You got to filter out the people. You got to know what’s going on so it’s a process. Because a lot of people I thought would be on board, ain’t on board. You notice the little things. It’s a process, you have to keep a good head about it and do you. Do what’s best for you at all times first. In the beginning, I was making sure everyone else around me was straight first before I’d deal with myself.

What are some goals for yourself as an artist at this point in your career?
Shit, I’m trying to start performing a lot more. I’m really finna start doing that after I drop. I’m going with the flow right now. Just get out there really, need to get out there.

How important is social media for your career?
Social media’s important. If I ain’t rap, I probably wouldn’t have an Instagram. It’s a lot of bullshit but it’s cool too. It’s important to have it though because that’s a gateway to you, to who you are. They can look at you and try to figure you out from that. I don’t really give a fuck about Instagram but I have it ‘cause it’s a good platform to post. It’s important for sure.

Who’s your favorite person to follow on IG?
I just follow n*iggas that I know are thorough people, cool people. I don’t really have a favorite person that I follow or check up on besides my girl. But I don’t have to do all that.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
We gon’ wake up, probably get high. We gon’ go to the studio, we gon’ get high. That’s every day: just wake up and see what else you want to do next. If we ain’t getting into nothing, my boy might orchestrate some plays, get some bread. Make some money, go to the studio, that’s about it.

3 things you need in the studio?
I need some drank, honestly. We need a Fronto [leaf], for sure. We need some good gas, we need at least some za za. I don’t want no OG, none of that. I need some Cookies, everything Cookies and some guap. Snacks and some water too. Nothing else, I’m straight.

What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?
I’ve had people say impacts I had on them that I didn’t even know I had. Sometimes I go through my Instagram requests and check who’s been trying to DM me. I see one like “bro can you please go Live, I got something to tell you.” I didn’t go Live so every day, he still hits me. He be mad at me like that’s my homie or something. [chuckles] I had some people tell me ”thanks for what you said to me.” Certain shit, different impacts I didn’t think I had. “I look up to you” or “when you said my name on your Live…” Ain’t really nothing to it like that.

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