August 13, 2020

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Maro has found music to be his ticket to a better life. Born and raised in poverty-stricken Beirut, the singer-songwriter is a genuine self-starter. By his teens, he was fluent in French, Arabic, Russian, English, and now he can sing in 7 different languages (& Turkish, Italian, Spanish). Learning to play piano in 2nd grade before teaching himself how to play guitar via internet tutorials, Maro’s influences draw from an array of genres: heavy metal, old school hip-hop, 90’s grunge, and pop.

Forced to move several times amidst the surrounding wars in Lebanon, music has become a vital outlet for Maro’s emotions and creativity. He first garnered attention after uploading covers to his YouTube channel, which accumulated over 28 million views in the last year alone.

Now, Maro unleashes his highly-anticipated debut original single titled “carsick,” exclusively on Flaunt.  Unraveling the repetitive cycle stemming from an on-and-off relationship, the track blends sharp songwriting with hook-filled vocal melodies, showcasing that Maro is not one to sleep on.

“carsick” is officially out tomorrow, August 14, via SNAFU Records here. In the meantime, Flaunt caught up with Maro to ask about “carsick,” his background story, and his current mindstate overseas in Beirut, especially relating to the recent tragic explosion.

Where are you now and how are you feeling?

I’m currently in Lebanon, I got here a couple of days ago. I’m really happy because I haven’t  seen my friends in a long time, I was stuck in Kuwait. I finally got to see my friends and hang out with them, but unfortunately a really big explosion went out in Beirut which has destroyed half the city. We’re all still in shock and saddened, because what happened could’ve been avoided.

How has the experience been making the jump from YouTube covers to releasing original material?

Making covers is a lot easier than creating original music. It was tough the first year to create original music, but the process has been super fun. I love writing original music, it’s become an outlet for me to release feelings. I’ve met a lot of cool people on the journey travelling to all these different studios in different countries. It was scary, but now I’m feeling good about it. [smiles]

How has your multi-cultural background influenced your artistic vision and sound? 

The more music you listen to, the more creative you’ll get making music. Growing up in the Middle Eastern and Slavic culture has definitely influenced my music, mostly the different scales they use. It has impacted me subconsciously, in a way that I can’t really express with words.

Tell us about your debut single “carsick” and the songwriting process.

It first started off with this cool chord progression I had in mind. We recorded the guitars in the studio then came up with the hook, which is the most important part of the song. Being in a toxic relationship always on and off with this girl makes you feel carsick, sick and uncomfortable because it’s hurting the both of you. Me and songwriters/producers went back and forth writing the lyrics based on that.

How has quarantine influenced your creative process? 

I was in Kuwait for about 6 months, it affected me negatively. I’ve definitely learned a few things, but sitting home all the time made me lose motivation and inspiration. I hated it.

 Who or what inspires you?

 My supporters and listeners inspire me to keep on going with my music. Musically Kurt Cobain, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Mac Miller.

What’s next for Maro?

More original music, albums, performing the music live, and getting into the fashion world.

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