October 29, 2020

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Jake&Papa are here to make sure the legacy of R&B lives on, fully embodying the literal definition of rhythm and blues. The two blood brothers from Los Angeles, by way of the 818 which is the San Fernando Valley, arrive with an innate ability to sing, to perform, to entertain, and create long-lasting music for generations to come.

Click play on any of their records, and you’re immediately strapped in for the ride. When it comes to the independent grind, these guys give hope to all those with a dream that they too can achieve their wildest dreams. Engineering themselves and partnering with a close knit of talented people on the production, both Jake and Papa record themselves in their own room.

Jake elaborates, “No asking people to record, that’s a different form of torture. Waiting for engineers to do work properly, people be moving slow, no. We record in our drawers at the house.”

With the success of the Los Angeles Lakers taking home the trophy for the 2020 NBA Finals, the two recording artists arrived in downtown LA with their own purple and yellow ROSE merch, designed and packaged themselves. Following the success of last year’s Tattoos&Blues, they return with a new single and visual for “Patient,” speaking volumes to our current times.

Flaunt caught up with the R&B duo to discuss how quarantine’s affected their art positively, new single “Patient,” their new ROSE merch, meditation and prayer, Lakers pride, and what to expect from their forthcoming project.

How have you been holding up in quarantine?

Jake: Quarantine’s been amazing because it forced us all to sit down for a second and do some internal observation, figure out ways to elevate which is always great. I don’t think we ever had to do it to that capacity. It forced us to really see what our purpose is, to really fortify our purposes and make some amazing music. We’re making amazing music during quarantine, we got to release a lot of amazing music too. It’s been abundant for us. We got to release “Patient,” the video. A lot of beautiful things have been going on, we’re grateful.

Let’s get into “Patient,” what were you going through recording this one?

Jake: “Patient” was in the midst of a beautiful exploration of myself, and I’m sure Pap as well. It was a beautiful transitional time to an elevated state. That’s why we really wanted to embody that in the video with the eyes, the connections the eyes make on somebody on your specific frequency. It was a beautiful experience. It was dark, it was sensual. Shout out to Rey Reel and Kaui for blessing us with the music.

How important is it to have patience?

Jake: Actual patience, that’s powerful.

Papa: To an extent, patience is everything. Depending on what you’re trying to do for us, it’s been key. We’re operating on God’s timing, not our own. We got our own deadlines and goals we’re trying to set but at the end of the day, it’s something bigger going on. The times that we’re supposed to do some stuff, is already said. If we really believe God’s timing is everything, we have to trust that and wait for everything to fall in line.

What do you find yourself needing to be patient with the most?

Jake: Man on a daily basis, wow. Having to deal with people’s bullshit. Especially in LA, we have to deal with a lot of fake shit, bullshit. You do a good job of weeding out the losers out of your life, but there’s always some people constantly talking the same bullshit, constantly on the same bullshit. Having to have the patience to maneuver through that to actually find real ones, is a formidable task.

Papa: I agree. I noticed about myself that I have a problem with control. With patience and God’s timing, it’s really me talking to myself because I battle with that. I want things to happen when I want it to happen, it doesn’t work like that.

The visual tells a whole story, what was your creative vision?

Jake: Somebody said a quote one time that really resonated with me: if you wrote a song about a zebra, dont put a fucking girrafe in the video. I love when people get creative but a lot of times, people go so far left with the video, it means absolutely nothing to relation to the song. For this one, we literally wanted to embody the energy and message of the song. You have a lot of people who want your energy from you but you only want to give it to one specific person: the person that leaves you feeling nourished. That’s super important, we wanted to make a video that showed a true connection.

Best memory from the shoot?

Papa: Us doing everything.

Jake: We directed it, so we literally had to write the treatment. It was fun, it wasn’t a burden. We’re helping set up the lights with Dana, who’s an amazing talent. Jump in the back of the camera to set up the shot, look at the roll then go in front of the camera and put on a character. It was pretty exhilarating, but it was a lot of work.

Has COVID affected this at all in any way for you guys?

Papa: It affected us being on stage, we love to perform. A lot of times, we create so that we can perform. Especially as an up and coming artist, performing and being able to potentially showcase our music in front of people who haven’t heard us yet, it’s a huge part of the grind. That’s the only thing. Other than that, it’s been beautiful.

Jake: Our goal is to keep feeding the people so that when it’s finally time to go out, the demand is where it’s supposed to be. So they’re ready to see all this shit.

What’s your faith in God?

Jake: It’s beautiful. When you do enough internal observation, you carve out your aligned path specifically designated to you. It feels like God’s a very tangible figure in your life, not a whimsical concept in the sky you can’t necessarily touch, feel, or smell. When you’re aligned with your illuminated path, it literally feels like a fatherlike figure standing right behind you, rooting for you every step of the way. It’s not necessarily a faith because faith is the belief in things unseen. It’s a belief: I know my father’s behind me rooting me on, so I move a certain way. Manifesting everything we do: how we stand, how we walk, how we approach people. Music is the surface thing. I encourage everybody to meditate until you feel you’re walking along the path that God designed for you.

How often do you meditate?

Jake: 10 minutes in the morning, depending on how the day went. The other day, I had a pretty traumatizing day. It’s a really interesting world, I can’t complain because it ended beautifully. I don’t want to harp on the negativity, the beauty of it was I did some meditation. It slowed my brain waves down. It got me focused on the task at hand, got me back within my body. I like to do a lot of chanting, I love sound bowls. I love zen, zen’s what got me into meditation.

Papa, what do you pray for?

Papa: I like to make sure I’m thankful in my prayers. How would you feel if tomorrow you woke up and only had what you thanked God for yesterday? I keep that in mind. I wake up in the morning and I’m thankful for everything from the clothes on my back, to my daughter, to my gifts, to outlets for those gifts. I’m just thankful.

How old is your daughter now?

Papa: She’s a little over 2.

How’s fatherhood treating you?

Papa: It’s awesome. It’s beautiful. I’ve written a million songs, this is the only thing I’ve experienced that I can’t put into words and I’m cool with that., yeah. I’m just completely just yeah.

Jake, you’re carrying nunchucks. Are you into martial arts?

Jake: I’m a big fan, it actually originated as a farming tool. I started martial arts when I was 20 years old, bless House of Champions for letting me train there for free. I started with Muay Thai, then got into Wing Chun Kung Fu at 26 and it’s been my baby ever since. I fell in love with all the different weapons and their history.

Are you a fan of Bruce Lee?

Jake: He’s one of my favorite human beings to ever walk the earth.

Talk about fire ROSE merch you guys have.

Papa: ROSE: real ones to exist. We got the trademark, we’re very happy about that. It started off as a slogan I came up with in 2014, I put it on a shirt. A few years later, we started doing our ROSE tape. We started designing merch for our shows. People started asking for more. We saw somebody get it tatted on them, so let’s keep it going. Now it’s its own lifestyle brand. It’s bigger than merch.

Love the Lakers-inspired hoodie!

Papa: We had to put together, we’re LA born and bred. We’re huge Laker fans, always have been since we were little. When the Championship was coming up, we felt only right to represent in our own way. Nothing more than that. We’re fans of the Lakers and wanted to put on for them the best way we know how. That collection’s actually expired now, but you can go on Instagram and see the pictures. It was for 24 hours only. If you don’t get it, that’s it.

New project Tattoos&Blues II coming end of year, what can we expect?

Jake: That’s tricky, that’s a powerful question. We love to make sensual music for the queens. Of course, there’s always a space for kings to listen, to play it for their queens. It’s definitely very specific for the queens who need something that makes them feel good. Make them feel nourishment, make them feel like somebody understands. We have production from all over the place, but everybody’s on one accord. All the best of the best from our circle, this is the best piece we ever put together. We’ve been very patient to put it out. As soon as we feel it’s time to go for it, it’s locked and loaded. We’re going to let it go.

Papa: Our mom is talking in skits on the project, we got a documentary that brings that to life. From the remixes to the next videos we’re putting out, everything’s elevated.

How’s the independent grind treating you guys?

Papa: On any given day, we have a different answer. Today, it’s beautiful. We get to wake up everyday, do what we want, how we want. We’ve been nurturing our vision and get to put that out the way we see it in our heads. It’s beautiful, we don’t have any complaints.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Jake: “Patient,” watch that video. Share it with a friend, tell a friend to tell a friend. The independent grind is treacherous.

Papa: It’s beautiful when you have people who really vibe with you and really believe in you. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Jake: Do what you love. Stop working jobs that you don’t give a shit about. Somebody needs to hear that, it’s a new world.

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