Ceraadi Calls Jay Z “Observant” & Talks ‘#GRWM’ EP

November 2, 2020

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Ceraadi are here to take over the music industry, one vibe at a time. The R&B duo comprised of Emaza & Saiyr Gibson might just be the most lit, high energy, goofy, ride or die sisters on the planet — and we’re here for it. Exuding inner and outer beauty in all that they do, the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-bred, Los Angeles-based recording artists create nothing but vibes, which applies directly to their newest project: #GRWM.

Following the release of their debut EP, Ceraadi’s Playlist, released last year, the girls return in 2020 with another standout project: Get Ready With Me. With songs like “BFF,” “Secure The Bag,” and “She Ain’t Me” featuring DDG, the girls showcase versatility but most importantly, maturity. These aren’t the same two females from last year, these are grown ass women.

Signed to Hov’s Roc Nation, Ceraadi is guaranteed to swoon the hearts of all those who have a chance to hear their music or watch their videos. While one’s twerking, the other is rapping. While one’s turning up, the other is hyping them up — and that’s how all besties should be.

Baller Alert caught up with the sisters at the Kandypens house in the hills, celebrating the release of their #GRWM EP. After showing their new music video with DDG, we discussed the maturity with the new project, working with Hit-Boy, the importance in voting, convos with Jay Z, and more!

How are you feeling tonight celebrating your new project?

Saiyr: We litty right now. It’s a bunch of great vibes, a lot of people came out. We had the catering popping, music and tattoos popping. Thank you for Shirley for having us.

Emaza: We got to play our second EP with producers like Hit-Boy, J-Blaze, G-Dav, Felisha and the writers, it’s a really crazy experience. We didn’t expect this turn out, for everybody to come out and show out. Especially with the pandemic going on, it’s a risk for people. But they came out, supported. It was a safe environment with masks provided.

How was working with Hit-Boy? 

Saiyr: Hit-Boy is so cool. He lets us be ourselves then when it’s time to show him, he gets so excited and enthusiastic. He keeps a straight face, so it’s rare.

Emaza: He’s mad cool, he got this cool persona. He’s really energetic, he’s really dope as a producer. I like the fact that he allows us to be us and he’s 100% backing us up.

What are you most excited for with #GRWM?

Saiyr: What we’re most excited for is people hearing this new sound of Ceraadi. We’re able to express ourselves more, whether it’s saying a couple of cuss words, being vulnerable, showing that we’re grown women. We’re not the little girls you’re used to, so really tapping into that.

How does it compare to the first project, Ceraadi’s Playlist

Emaza: Ceraadi’s Playlist, we was playing it safe but also marketing to a larger fanbase. We go from really really young, maybe even 6 years old to women who have children. Older ladies would come up without their grandchildren like “I watch you guys.”

Saiyr: They’re like “forget my children bitch, I’m a fan of you!”

Emaza: With this project, we want to cater to our main target market which is later teens, younger 20’s.

Saiyr: You can vibe out in the club or you can be at home, be with their best friends and getting lit.

How was meeting Pretty Vee?

Saiyr: Oh my gosh, she’s so cool. It’s wild because with influencers, people think they need to play a character all the time. With her because we’re in the same field, we keep this crazy energy going, she didn’t feel like she had to be in character, she was herself.

Emaza: It felt natural.

Is there anywhere ya’ll go where you’re not a vibe?

Saiyr: We can be at the grocery store and it’s a vibe. [laughs]

How important is it to vote?

Saiyr: Super important. At the end of the day you’re born in this country, you want to use your right. There’s so many people that don’t have rights, even as women.

Emaza: Around the world people don’t have the right to vote, so it’s very important to exercise that.

Being signed to Roc Nation, what are those convos with Jay Z?

Saiyr: It’s crazy because we’ll be in the office and he’ll pop out out of nowhere. We met him a couple times, before COVID happened. He’s very observant.

Emaza: He’s very chill but you can feel the legacy that he holds in his energy.

Does he have any say in the music?

Saiyr: He did tell us that he liked ”Favorite,” the recent song we dropped.

Emaza: He told us, “be humble, but also every now and then be cocky. You gotta let people know who they’re messing with.”

“Favorite” music video out now, who or what inspired this record?

Saiyr: That was crazy because we shot 3 music videos in one week. That’s the last one of all three. In palm springs, 120 degrees in some leather boots and a fur coat to a whole green screen doing stunts being taught that day.

Emaza: If you were to label Ceraadi, we’re wingmen. We just wing it. [laughs]

Saiyr: Last minute shorties!

Emaza: We had Prince and Jacob directing it. As far as choreography and doing martial arts, we had Marques to help us but it was really on the spot learning stuff for all our video shoots.


Do you miss Cedar Rapids at all?

Emaza: No not really, especially not right now because it’s winter time. I’m now a California baby, I need tropical weather. It’s getting a little cold, but I can handle it girl.

Saiyr: We were in Atlanta and it was cold, so this ain’t nothing. We’d always love to come back to Iowa for a show.

Emaza: Shoutout to our Midwest Ce-Riders.

Do you guys fight ever?

Emaza: Of course, we’re sisters. We’re family, whether it’s who ate my food or who’s wearing my clothes.

Saiyr: Or you stink. [laughs] It can get crazy but at the end of the day, our mom’s our manager. She’s our foundation so she’ll say “hug it out, and get back to work.”

Emaza: We’re human. We realize the bigger picture that we’re sisters, we’re blood. We’re always going to have each other’s back.

Saiyr: We’re real sisters, real best friends.

Emaza: But it’s rare to get a moment like that, so we’re good.

Saiyr: It’s every blue moon.

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