November 25, 2020

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Sarah Silva is only 17 years old and living out her dreams on the daily. The Southern California native hails from a Mexican background, infusing her heritage into her music any chance she can. At age 11, she hit the stage and began performing, and it’s been up ever since. Learning a multitude of genres from Classical and Pop to Música Urbana and Regional Mexican, Sarah prides herself in her diversity and ability to fuse both Spanish and English languages into her records.

Now, she returns with her newest single titled “Lotería,” premiered exclusively on Flaunt. The record highlights a mixture of 70’s classic Mexican slow ballads with the popular Latin pop/reggaetón sound, while elevating the vibe during these unpleasant times. Her vocals on the song range from falsetto register all the way down to her lower register, inspiring young women to have a sense of self-admiration and know when to withdraw when someone treats you like a “game.”

Speaking on the record, Sarah states, “When there’s so much negativity flowing around you especially during these times, it’s hard to focus on loving yourself. With this song, I’d love to transmit that extra little boost of self-confidence.”

The title of the song derives from the traditional Mexican card game, Lotería. Shot in Mexico City, the visual follows the theme of the record with the card game present throughout. Watch above and vibe out!

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