April 27, 2021

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Today, South African indie-soul singer-songwriter Nick Leng shares the music video for his latest single, “One More Time.” Idiosyncratic and undeniably danceable, “One More Time” slides into a nostalgic funk groove, complete with a perfectly pocketed four-on-the-floor beat, slap bass, and tape-saturated backing vocals. Leng’s smooth tenor carries the track, riding over waves of guitar riffs, claps, and cowbells in a Hot Chocolate meets Portugal the Man groove. Punchy, sleek, and buzzing with energy, Nick Leng has once again created an effortlessly cool vintage soundscape.

Directed by James Ronko and filmed by Tanner Deutsch and Christian Lanza, the music video for “One More Time” follows a stylish Leng across sun-soaked terraces of Southern California in a vintage film intrigue. Combining storytelling and some pretty fire dance moves (Nick’s strong suits), the video throws you back in time.

Nick shares, “Shooting this video was one of the most fun I’ve had. We wanted to capture the song with a narrative, but most importantly something fun. I’ve always felt the texture of a video can make and break a song and working with James Ronkko, Tanner Deutsch, Christian Lanza on this felt like such a dream team. We shot this in LA, then sent the footage to James in Barcelona who worked his magic with editing and overlays to give it a fingerprint. So happy about how this came out and so grateful to have worked with such talented people.”

Flaunt asked Leng a few questions on the video, his creative process, and how this year has looked a little different for him than he anticipated.

What ‘s the inspiration behind the video for “One More Time”?

It started with a FaceTime call between me and James Ronkko, the editor and graphic artist. We talked about the song and what we both loved for my videos having some type of visual fingerprint to it. Can’t imagine a better person for bringing that to the table for this song than James.

I understand the video was shot in various places. Tell us about the process of making this video!

We wanted to find a place that could be creatively malleable to be able to show the process of time and in some Groundhog-ian way. There’s a storyline but for this one, we wanted to base it around performance and texture.  The whole video was shot in one day at a beautiful house outside of LA.  It was such an interesting process because James Ronkko was in Barcelona and even though he wasn’t holding the camera, he was integral to the day and the process. He’s such a genius and had these ideas of layering shots in an interesting way and creating this surreal grunge texture which was our vision from the beginning. Christian Lanza and Tanner Deutsch were on the ground here in LA to capture all the footage on film. Felt like a dream because he’s such an incredible talented director, we were giving a painter different colors to paint with.

How has the pandemic shaped your new music since Lemons?

It has made me slow down, and take an inventory of what I want to say and be as an artist. In doing that, I have come back to songwriting with a fresh lens and more clarity about what I want to sing about and be as an artist. The pandemic was definitely difficult at times, and there were some dark cloudy days but I experienced it in some ways because I emerged feeling reset in so many ways. Got some special songs out of it that you’ll hear one day soon too!

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