July 20, 2021

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Indi Star was born to entertain, and she’s living out her dreams on the daily. The singer, dancer, actress, and influencer boasts a growing following of over one million followers on Instagram, blessing the masses with her sweet personality and endless talents.

Having started dancing at age 3, the Boston, Massachusetts native is trained in tap, ballet, hip hop, and jazz funk. By age 8, she began professionally singing and acting, making the bold decision to move across the country to Los Angeles. With her unwavering love for musical theater, dance, and everything surrounding, Indi began training at Gray Studios drama school before landing her first guest role on the web series Teens Wanna Know years later.

“When I was younger, every time I’d say a joke, people would stare at me. Besides the point,” she adds with a laugh. Fast forward to today, Indi is best known for playing the character “Kimmie” in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger and is currently a series regular in the new BRAT TV series Charmers.

On the music tip, Indi got her start as a member of Kidz Bop USA/Canada where she toured and performed all over the States. Breaking out as a solo artist in 2019, Indi has since released 5 critically-acclaimed singles, leading into her most recent release titled “Afterglow.”

Flaunt caught up with Indi Star via Instagram Live, who was in high spirits posted at her home in Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss her move to Los Angeles, biggest influences, highlights from doing Kidz Bop, the inspo behind “Afterglow,” best memory from shooting the music video, studio essentials, her time with Vibe Crew, upcoming role on The Hyperions, and more!

Photo Credit: Jessica Spohr

How was it moving to Los Angeles at age 8? Were you ready for it? 

Yeah, I was. My whole family and I were all super excited and ready. We moved out for 3 months with my grandma to see how it was, then we fell in love with it. We officially moved out when I was 8, so fun. I remember all of my friends being like “Whoa, you’re going to LA?” I’m like “oh yeah, I am.” It was so cool, I loved LA the second we stepped outside of the airport. Such a fun experience.

Who were your biggest influences? 

For singing, Olivia Rodrigo is definitely such a big influence, because she’s an actress and a singer, which is what I want to be.

Which you are.

Well, yeah. [laughs] I want to pursue that when I grow up and have that be my actual career. Well, it is my actual career. [laughs] For actors, I have a variety of different favorite actors and actresses. Mainly Marvel people. I talk about Marvel all the time, but really any Marvel character or person.

What’s your favorite Marvel movie? 

I loved the first Iron Man, and literally any Spider-Man movie.

What was the highlight from the Kidz Bop days?

From Kidz Bop, definitely making a bunch of music videos was super fun and practicing to go on tour. I never went on tour, but I remember practicing to go on tour. It was such a fun experience.

Were you ever nervous?

I definitely was. I never ended up going on tour because I left before they went on tour, but I remember we practiced on the stages. I remember being on stage, having the mic hooked up, etc. I was definitely nervous because I have asthma, and it’s a lot to dance and sing. That didn’t really help in Kidz Bop obviously.

How is it now when you perform? 

It’s better because when I perform now, I try not to do a bunch of dances. My stamina has gotten much better.

Let’s get into it! “Afterglow” out now. 

Oh yeah! I am so excited because people seem to love it, and I’m so happy about that. I worked very hard on it. They also seem to like my music video!

I know it’s inspired by a relationship. How was it writing the record? 

It was really fun. This is one of the songs that I didn’t fully write. A bunch of my other songs I wrote myself, but I got introduced to this song. I worked on it with the girl that wrote it, her name’s Sadie. I worked on it with her and my producer to make it more relatable to me. It was such a fun experience.

Does he know it’s about him? 

Yeah, he does. When I was showing him a bunch of my songs, he stared at me and then walked away. I’m like, “Okay.” [laughs] So, I don’t really know how he feels about the song. He walked away from me and that was not fun, but it’s okay.

How was it shooting the video? You’re doing the choreography, you got the dance moves on deck. 

Doing the music video was such an amazing experience. I love neon colors, so that’s what we put into the music video. It’s called “Afterglow,” so there’s neon colors, afterglow, it all made sense. It was really fun filming the music video because we got to do flashbacks. For instance, from me sitting on the bed, cleaning up Go Fish cards, then we actually got to play Go Fish. Funny story, Prince is the guy in the music video, and he didn’t know how to play Go Fish. Who doesn’t know how to play Go Fish?! It was fun.

Did you teach him? 

We taught him how to play Go Fish. I don’t know if he fully understood.

Best memory from shooting? Was it playing Go Fish? 

Probably, but there was this point where we’re singing karaoke. Off-camera, we were singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber. That’s the only song we both knew, he’s a lot older than me, so we don’t really know the same music.

3 things you need in the studio at all times?

Probably my water. We’re in the studio for a long time and I get so hungry because I don’t eat before I go to the studio. We normally go to the studio at 9pm, so definitely water, food, and my phone because I never end up printing out the lyrics. Even though I know the lyrics, I still need the lyrics on standby.

What food do you like? 

My favorite is Mediterranean food, it’s so good. The rice, the chicken, and the hummus, it’s really good.

Photo Credit: Jessica Spohr

You joined Vibe Crew last year, how’s that experience been? 

It was such a fun experience. I always start off answering these questions with “such a fun experience,” but everything is. I was in Vibe Crew for only a couple of months, but it was super cool and fun to film. I got to film a bunch of YouTube videos with all these other amazing creators, which was super awesome. Most of them were YouTubers, influencers, actors, and dancers. It was all different people in the industry coming together.

What was your favorite video you did? 

We did an escape room called the “It” room around Halloween time. At my house we made this huge escape room. It wasn’t really an escape room, but we had to be in there. My brother and Corinne’s brother both dressed up like the “It” clown, but we didn’t know that at the time, so they were scaring us. My dad dressed up as Georgie. We’re terrified because they’re chasing us around the room, it was so fun.

What do you do for self-care? 

I like doing a lot of crafts, it helps me stay focused on something. I also like to read books. I’m reading a series right now called The Land of Stories. I’m on the second book, it’s about these 2 twins and they fall into a fairytale book. It’s really cool, it’s about them exploring the fairytale book.

Someone asked, do you like K-Pop? 

Yes, I do. I like BTS. I like that band, it’s really good music. I think I’ve only actually heard BTS though. I haven’t heard a lot of songs, but would love to hear more!

What’s your favorite BTS song? 

I’d say “Butter.” [sings] Smooth like butter!

They have such a crazy following!

I know! There’s so many songs I realize were by BTS that I didn’t even realize, which is so crazy.

Top artists in rotation, besides BTS? 

It’s always been Harry Styles, I love his music. So good. James Arthur has always been my favorite. Obviously, Olivia Rodrigo. She’s so good. I also just started getting into Frank Ocean 4 months ago. His songs are so good. I find so many different songs on TikTok, so there’s not really one artist I listen to. I listen to so many different ones.

Photo Credit: Jessica Spohr

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

Well, you can see by this: very bright and colorful stuff. Funky patterns, bright colors, basically those 2 words. Funky and bright. [laughs]

What about the best encounter you had with a fan? 

All of my encounters with fans are so amazing, they’re so sweet. But I remember these 2 girls, they both came up to me and they were 16 years old, so this was crazy to me. They said “Oh my God, I love your Instagram so much. You’re such an inspiration to me.” Oh my God, they were 16. Obviously, you’re never too old to like something. That was so crazy to me because I was 13 at the time.

What do you like to do for fun as a kid? Besides crafts. 

I like roller skating a lot with my friends. I moved 5 months ago, but we used to skate in my old neighborhood. I want to start skating again, but I do roller skate.

Someone asked, what’s your favorite color?

I’d say either light pink or hot pink. A reddish-pink, not a purplish-pink.

What’re you most excited for this year as the world opens back up?  

I’m so excited to go to theme parks, because theme parks are my favorite. I don’t know if we can anymore because it seems like there’s a new case of Covid. So upsetting, and I hope that gets situated.

Talk about your role as Young Vista on The Hyperions that’s releasing next year.

They just announced it’s coming out next year in February. I’m so excited for people to see it. I forget how much I’m in it, because I filmed this 3 years ago, but I was in it pretty often. I’m the younger version of somebody, I’m a superhero, and I have a special power. I can’t really say anything more about it, but it was such a fun role to play.

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