September 3, 2021

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Produced in the Northern part of Ireland under strict lockdown, it’s the isolation that inspired Jack Casey aka EMBRZ’s debut album Moments, reflected by the wide palette of sonic emotions in this one ethereal lush body of work.

The latest single “Sleeptalking” off the album features Emily Nance’s dreamy diaphanous vocals, in duet with EMBRZ, who makes his singing debut.

EMBRZ shares exclusively with us the meaning behind his new single: “Given how isolated I was living by myself during lockdown, so much of this album is written about missing people and being frustrated by that. ‘Sleeptalking’ carries a lot of this, but with this sentiment of not really being understood or wasting your time trying to explain yourself.

Lyrically, it seemed like an interesting angle to come from: what’s the point in even saying anything? I might as well be talking in my sleep.

After a while, Covid life left us all exhausted. Tired of the same conversations, TV shows, location… but mostly tired of trying to explain how we felt, even though deep down we really wanted to.”

Having garnered tens of millions of streams, with spins on BBC Radio 1 and supporting the likes of Shallou and SG Lewis on tour, EMBRZ continues to make a name for himself within the chill electronic space.

“Sleeptalking” is out now, off of EMBRZ’s highly anticipated debut album, Moments.

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