September 24, 2021

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catchy sound, holding much power. He isn’t just here to show us his obvious, natural talent, but to make his mark in life. “Down Under” is the single that sees Lloyd rising from the ashes and it’s about to blow your mind.

The classy track features a tropical feel production, with Eastern influence in the melodies, the track keeps it simple and minimalistic. The drop of the beat mixed with subtle 808’s and a classic trap/R&B high-hat heavy rhythm adds to the fierceness of the record. If you clock the backing vocals, their haunting echo adds a sense of tension and energy, including his cocktail of double time and striking lyrics.

Oozing in passion, the song nods to Lloyd coming out of an unexpected place, as well as encouraging the notion that you should go get your dreams and not let anyone hold you back, including people who attempt to take advantage of you.

Lloyd explains, “I had enough of being patient and had to start coming for what is mine,” demanding respect and appreciation for his work. His influence from Michael Jackson sees Lloyd deliver clean-cut vocals delivered through a high voltage expression, adding a fluid feel to the tight, striking beat. We look forward to hearing more from Myles Lloyd as he serves up a whole new aura of respectability and polished stand out R&B.

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