October 29, 2021

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An emerging artist described by some industry vets as a “breath of fresh air on the music scene”, Sarah Tromley’s emotional edge and stripped-down appeal resonates throughout her music. The Portland-raised artist has been making her mark in the LA music bubble and continues to find new and exciting ways to draw her fans closer with her rooted pop and R&B style.

Now, Tromley returns with her newest release: the “Fake It” remix with DJ Fluencee. Tromley reveals how she knew the original song needed to reach audiences across genres, which lead to her team realizing they should collaborate with some notable DJ’s to make the track palatable for everyone. Her excitement for the remix could hardly be contained, as she touches on adding insane trap moments and sick drops to the feel-good record.

Tromley states, “The fact that Fluencee was able to turn this track into something that the electronic dance music community could fall in love with just blows my mind.”

The original “Fake It” came from a studio session with her producers Aaron and SUTL, a fun conversation about the age old “Do girls fake it or nah?” Of course, guys complicate things when it comes to women. But at the end of the day, the writers Jelli Dorman and Lillian Caputo known for working on “Wildside” by Normani ft. Cardi B, came through with the female intuitive vibes and thus the song was born.

It’s an anthem for the ladies to feel free and find that authenticity in their entire lives. In fact, it applies to everyone because when all is said and done, intimacy is reciprocal.

“I want the fans to reclaim their sexual confidence,’ Tromley continues. “There’s an idea that we as women are forced to ‘fake it til we make it’ in so many parts of our lives, including sex. That it’s almost freeing when you find something that’s real. The first time you no longer have to fake it leaves you chasing a high of authenticity. Real emotion, feeling alive. We need to feel safe and loved enough to show up as our truest selves in every part of life, especially in the bedroom.”

She adds, “If this track doesn’t make you want to find your bestie in the crowd and go hard, then I’m not sure we’re listening to the same song.”

Sarah already has her next “Fake It” remix in the works which will feature a rapper who is rising high in the industry.

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