Crazy Rich Asians Left Me In Tears

August 15, 2018

Wednesday, August 15th

Omg. I’m absolutely floored by Crazy Rich Asians. Floored! Today after work, I was honored to go to an exclusive screening of the film at Warner Bros. Studios. Shout out to my girl Ashley for inviting me, she’s the fucking best. Work perks are what we work so hard for. I was just trying to make up for the last screening — which was also a Q&A panel with the cast. They literally shut the doors in my face because I was 10 minutes late (thanks LA traffic). Devastated.

IMDB plot: This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family.

The official movie doesn’t come out until this weekend, but I was just super geeked to see it in general. Haven’t even seen the trailer, but the fact that a movie is made specifically for Asians is unheard of. This is the first one, minus the show Fresh Off The Boat, which I fucking love! The same actress, Constance Wu, plays the main character in this one. Her mans is a zaddy lmao, shout out Henry Golding. I really hope they fell in love IRL while filming this, because they’d be the cutest couple. And shout out Awkwafina. She added her much-needed steez to the movie. This movie definitely did its job in highlighting the Asian stereotype, which I can’t tell what their goal was. All I knew, was I felt it.

ANYWAYS! Pretty much the boyfriend comes from a super fucking family in Singapore, seen as royalty. The girlfriend is first-generation American, and when he brings her back to his hometown, it’s a hot mess. I could relate so much (NOT BECAUSE THEY RICH) but because my parents are SUPER traditional Asian. I literally texted them mid-movie and told them to go see it. Still trying to mend the relationship I have with my mama but it’s so hard. The film is two hours, but super entertaining the entire time. I would say it’s a comedy/chick flick/drama/overall great flick. The shots are AMAZING. Literal wedding/travel/life goals.

The movie is actually based on a novel by Kevin Kawn, shout out to him. I’m supposed to do a Q&A with him later in the month. I have no idea what ratings it’s going to get on Rotten Tomatoes but it better be high (above 80% at least). Everyone needs to go see this. And tell me if you cry because I balled my eyes out lmao. I tried to hold it in, but shit was emotional. It also reminded me I’m single af, so there’s that.

Side note, got to interview India Love today at’s studio in Hollywood! Shout out to Ural. 

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