Serial Killers Are Back – Xzibit & Demrick Explain Making “Day Of The Dead”

October 31, 2018

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Rappers Xzibit and Demrick check in with AllHipHop on Halloween to talk about their new Serial Killers album with B-Real

At the top of 2017, Xzibit revealed he was going to retire from rapping.

Now entering the 4th quarter of 2018, it seems his love and passion for music says otherwise.

Today (October 31), Halloween Day, Xzibit, B-Real and Demrick unleash their newest collaborative album Day of the Dead as Serial Killers.

With X’s new venture with Open Bar Entertainment, it looks like the music will be taken to a whole new level production wise.

AllHipHop caught up with Xzibit and Demrick on set in Los Angeles while shooting their “War” music video, the intro track to Serial Killers new album Day of the Dead.

AllHipHop: You’re a big investor in Brass Knuckles (which was been valued at over $100 million dollars). Is the weed biz better than the music biz?

Xzibit: I thought it was the same thing [laughs]. I think weed culture and hip-hop has gone hand in hand from its inception. I think it’s the same.

AllHipHop: Can you tell us more about the new management division for Open Bar Entertainment? Who or what are you going to manage?

Xzibit: We have several actors who are currently working on TV shows right now. Eric Skinner is the head of that division, so he’s definitely bringing that to the table. He came over from Primary Wave. We have myself on there as well, so we have some really exciting things happening on that side of the business in 2018 and 2019.

The Serial Killers (Xzibit, B-Real, & Demrick) - "Get Away With It!"  - AllHipHop.com

AllHipHop: Talk about this upcoming Serial Killers project you have with B-Real and Demrick. What can we expect for the follow-up?

Xzibit: It comes out October 31. It’s called Day of the Dead. Stand alone project continuing from the Xzibit: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 that we did. Serial Killers, we toured all around the world with. Myself, Demrick, and B-Real. It’s time for this to come out man. We’re real excited about it.

Demrick: It’s been three years since the last one.

AllHipHop: What was the creative process and how long did it take you?

Demrick: The actual creation of it didn’t take long at all. We got in the studio and knocked it out in less than a month.

AllHipHop: Why was the decision made to drop it on Halloween?

Demrick: I think all of them have dropped on Halloween.

AllHipHop: Talk about this music video that you’re shooting for “W.A.R.”

Xzibit: [pauses] It’s complicated. [laughs]. It’s the intro track to the album. The video is basically all three of us coming from different places to meet up together to do a show, and how the show money gets here is really interesting.

Demrick: It’s way more rougher than how we got here. [laughs]

Xzibit: The bag has a journey to get here, and all three of us have a journey to get here. When we get here, it’s pretty spectacular.

AllHipHop: What motivates you to create music today?

Xzibit: Because I f##king love it. It’s like breathing for me. I love to do it.

AllHipHop: What advice are you giving these young cats?

Xzibit: The thing about millennials is that they don’t like to get told anything. [laughs] So I just lead by example. I think the biggest difference is instead of trying to give them advice, I just try do things that I know they can follow and see the truth and the strength in it. It’s like nowadays, you can’t tell anybody, you just got to show them.

AllHipHop: “X” is so nostalgic. What’s one song you wish you could bring back?

Xzibit: Bring back? Well music is forever, it doesn’t go nowhere. I think once music is out, it’s here forever.

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