Boogie Explains Eminem’s Best Piece Of Advice, Growing Up In Compton & More

November 13, 2018

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Westside Boogie is one of the coldest rappers to come out of Los Angeles.

Hailing from Compton, Westside Boogie isn’t worried about fame or numbers, he raps because that’s what he does.

At 28-years-old and signed to Interscope, it was last fall when the “Oh My” rapper revealed he was signing to Eminem’s Shady Records. Following the critically-acclaimed Thirst 48, Pt. II from 2016, fans have been patiently waiting for his Shady debut.

AllHipHop caught up with Boogie to discuss how exactly the signing came about as well as Em’s hilarious piece of advice.

AllHipHop: Talk about signing to Eminem’s Shady Records and how that came about.

Boogie: Somebody texted me and was like, “Ay, Em’s f##king with you.” I was like “Oh that’s lit.” Then about a week or two later, I was in Detroit. I came back, and then I was signed. It was fast. It happened very fast.

AllHipHop: I feel like that just fell in your lap.

Boogie: Yeah, it’s Godbody.

AllHipHop: How many times have you been in the studio with Eminem?

Boogie: A couple. I be working by myself though. He’s real good at giving me my space. I feel like every artist wants that. He comes in when he needs to.

AllHipHop: Best piece of advice Em has given you?

Boogie: Stop stage diving.

AllHipHop: Really?

Boogie: Yeah, because I finally got dropped in Australia. Somebody dropped me while I was stage-diving. I was too hyped and forgot that it was an R&B concert. And the bitches — I’m going to call them b##ches because they could have caught me. I usually don’t call women b##ches.

AllHipHop: Was your team there?

Boogie: My boy was there. My DJ was there, but he didn’t notice it because he be performing. He be so into it. I was mad as shit at that crowd though. I told them.

AllHipHop: Did you get hurt?

Boogie: No I was cool, but it was just awkward trying to get back to the stage after that fall. It was crazy.

AllHipHop: What we expect from your Shady Records debut, SELF.

Boogie: You can expect that that’s not the title.

AllHipHop: Oh, what is it?

Boogie: I can’t tell you.

AllHipHop: Did it used to be?

Boogie: It was. We had that on top of the board one time, and I feel like the internet ran with it. You can expect a lot of turnt s##t, a lot of vibey R&B s##t. This some honest music. Some real honest, honest music. Make people think about themselves and their life, even if they don’t relate to the same stories as you.

AllHipHop: Any features?

Boogie: Yeah, there’s some features on there.

AllHipHop: Can you give us one?

Boogie: Nah. [laughs] I want to, but I feel like I shouldn’t, so I’m not.

AllHipHop: When are you revealing the name?

Boogie: Soon. Everything soon. Real, real soon.

AllHipHop: What is it you want fans to get from your story?

Boogie: I really want them to get growth from themselves. It’s a real reflective type album where I really attack my flaws. I usually make albums and I’ll be talking about my flaws, but with this one, I feel like I really acknowledge the bullshit I be on. Hopefully it makes people do the same.

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