August 31, 2020

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Goody Grace is in his own lane, blending a hybrid of genres from pop to punk to hip-hop, and even folk. Tracing back to his roots in his Selkirk, Manitoba childhood bedroom, located roughly 3,170 miles from Los Angeles, the 23-year-old left Canada in 2015 and hopped on a plane for the first time ever — with just his guitar — in hopes of turning his dreams of becoming a pop star into reality.

Now, he returns with his biggest collab yet: “Nothing Good” featuring G-Eazy and Juicy J. The visual itself brings the record to life, seeing a couple in animation as they enter a haunted house for the books. When it comes to the actual track, Goody can hardly contain his excitement debuting a new sound fans have never heard before.

When he first moved to LA, he always heard the phrase “nothing good ever happens after 2am,” which he quickly found to be nothing short of the truth. When all the clubs and bars closed their doors at 2am, most people stayed out and created memories in the wee hours of the night.

G-Eazy was actually one of the first people Goody met when he arrived in the city of Angels. Good states, “G’s always been a big brother to me. As soon as the idea for this song came into my head, I sent him a voice note of the chorus to get his thoughts. He sent me back a voice note with the beginning idea of his verse. After I tracked my vocals and got G’s, the song was still missing something and we sat on it for a minute. I found out my friends, The Futuristics who produced this song, knew Juicy J.”

One day later, Juicy sent back the record with his verse on it. Goody continues, “Juicy J has been one of my favorite rappers and was one of the reasons I learned how to produce. I’d try to re-make Three 6 Mafia beats on GarageBand, so this is a dream come true. I really hope when people listen to this, it brings them back to some of their favorite nights with their friends. In due time…”

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