Besides being a buzzing name in the rap game, Z Money is a hustler, entrepreneur and all-around go-getter. The West Side Chicago native quickly learned how to maneuver the streets and flip his situation to make something of himself. 

While trappin’ and getting money illegally isn’t necessarily something people advocate for, it’s his money-driven dedication and grind-mode mentality that does not go unnoticed. The “Wealthy” rapper is not only signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 imprint but thinks and moves like Guwop himself. In addition to his restaurant, line of rolling papers, and trucking businesses, he still finds time to record and unleash bangers for fans all across the world.

At 20 years old, Z Money claimed he was already a millionaire. Money has always been on his mind. The cover art for his latest single “Nickelodeon,” produced by Dy & Kidwonder, features the iconic Rugrats character Chuckie with a melanated glow and “4EP” chain. 4EP stands for “4EverPaid” and is the MC’s mantra.

WE TAKE NOTE sat down with the hustle-focused MC to discuss his business endeavors, entrepreneurial advice and the reality of life in Chicago.

Where do you get your hustle mentality?

My father always put this in our head: Hustle. You gotta go get the money. My father always brought the big bag home. Even though he had his money, he’s not gonna let you sit around. You gotta do something. That’s in my bloodline, something to feel good to come from. It’s hard times. Everybody got hard times. The hard times is what makes you, you. You gotta learn off the situation. If you don’t learn, it’s a mistake you making. That’s where I come from. 

How wealthy are you?

Right now, I’m so wealthy because it’s in my spirit. It’s not even money right now. I’m so wealthy that my spirit is beyond money. Because like I said, I’m an all-out hustler. I’ma get mines every day and all day. It’s no limit to it. My wealthy is nonstop.

You stay making money moves. Tell us why you started Kashmir rolling papers.

It was something that was brought to me. I’ma keep it real; I didn’t plan it. Because they know how I am. Any business move, I’m tryna hop on because I’m a 10-avenue type dude. I like to make money a lot of different ways. When it came to me, I took it and took my own little way with it. I marketed it, started writing ideas like “This is what we should do with it.” I pitched how I want the cover the package to look because everything’s all about presentation. Sometimes, the product can be garbage. Look at Voss water. Voss water’s product is bullshit, but the presentation is A+. Before you see that it’s bullshit, you already spent your $3. But with us, Kashmir’s product is great.

Creating an organic rolling paper business is a smart move for a rapper since weed and music go hand-in-hand. Why do you think that is? 

Because you just get in your zone. You put your thinking cap on. Me, I got a little anger problem, so it helps me with that. I’m quick to snap, like quick. It helps me calm down. I fuck with the smoke.

Hustlin’ is part of your lifestyle. What advice/insight do you have for other entrepreneurs and moguls in the making?

Stay consistent. I read a lot of books in jail, but I came home and stopped reading. I started back reading books because it’s something to keep my brain running. Keep you going, keep you thinking. To stay on top of things, you always gotta keep going and stay consistent. [snaps] It’s 24 hours in a day. I wake up in the morning, read an hour a day to open my mind up. Not have your mind focused on the same shit because it’s a lot going on in the world.