October 20, 2020

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Lexy Panterra is the definition of Baddie Vibez. Not only is this the title to her newest project, but the Bay Area native serves as a role model to all females around the world that you’re a bad bitch, period! Exuding confidence, swag, and an out-of-this-world personality, the recording artist, entrepreneur, and world-renowned twerker continues to bless the masses with her inner and outer beauty.

Boasting 2.6 million followers on Instagram, 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.1 million followers on Facebook, and billions of impressions across all social platforms, Lexy proves why she’s a staple in the entertainment industry. It was in 2014 when she went viral for her popular company Twerkout, inspiring people to embrace their bodies and confiDANCE through movement.

And still, beyond the dancing and businesses, her biggest passion in life is music. After releasing her critically-acclaimed EP titled A Gemini Valentine in January, she had the pleasure of opening for DaniLeigh on her West Coast tour. With Baddie Vibez as her first full-length album, she debuts her alter ego Virgin Lex. Under this new rap persona, Lexy is recharged, and ready to take the industry by storm as an independent artist.

Flaunt caught up with Lexy via Instagram Live, who recently got a 2-month-old Goldendoodle puppy named Nightmare. Read below as we discuss her upbringing in Sacramento, her Twerkout classes, becoming the first rapper to drop music on OnlyFans, touring with DaniLeigh, career goals, and more!

You’re from Sacramento, what was the household like growing up?

Sacramento baby! I grew up in the hood of Sacramento, which is where Mozzy’s from. Mozzy and I literally grew up in the same neighborhood, the same block. Bigler Way, he was maybe two streets down. Growing up there wasn’t amazing, but it was a vibe because everyone looked out for each other. The block looked out for the block, so it was fun. I had a great childhood there, I have 3 younger brothers. I had my stepdad who moved us to Sacramento, my mom. All of his family lived across the street, his dad also lived across the street so he had 4 family members on the block too. It was hot as hell in Sacramento. Summers were a vibe, chillin’ on the porch. Popsicles, the adults are playing games, you guys are riding your bikes, hanging out in the pool in the yard. When I say pool, I mean the small, mini pools that you fill up with water. [laughs]

Why did your dad call you Lex Luther at age 2?

I guess he thought I could get what I wanted from him. I’m a little villain, I was very persuasive.

When’d you start dancing?

I’ve been dancing my whole life. I started dancing ballet and jazz when I was 3 or 4, I jumped into it. I stayed doing hip-hop because I really like hip hop out of all of the tap dance and gymnastics. I tried everything because I love doing everything, as people can see now. I stuck to hip-hop, that’s the one I like the most.

Who were you looking up to back then?

Aaliyah, I wanted to be Aaliyah growing up. “You can dust it off and try again…” [sings] I was in the fifth grade when that song came out, that dates me. [laughs] I wanted to be her so bad, she’s one of my idols. RIP babygirl.

When did you start making music seriously?

When I was 17, because I joined a girl group. We went to Interscope or Universal, had an A&R meeting and interview. We performed with Keith Sweat, it was hilarious. We opened up randomly for him, our moms were like “ahh!” Pretty legendary. I’ve been doing it for a while. I got a song on Power 106, New At 2 with DJ Felli Fel. It was on Entourage when the show was on. I’ve been doing my music thing for a long time. I was in a girl group then I went solo, been solo ever since.

What did you learn from working in a girl group?

I learned that not everyone has the drive and passion you’re going to have, so you’ve got to work it out some way or another. Not everyone’s the same, but you figure out how to work together.

How did you build your social media presence and following? What was your secret? 

I was one of the viral sensations that happened when my twerk video went viral. What was important to keep that momentum going is to figure out your plan if that’s what you want to do. Luckily that happened for me, I knew what I wanted after that and kept it rolling. My mind went straight to business after that, how do I make this into a money maker? Something I love to do, it came natural.

How often do you get people asking you to twerk?

All the time. I always say if I run into someone who makes Subway sandwiches at a Subway, bitch I’m not going to ask you to make Subway sandwiches 24/7! What do you think, I’m walking and shaking ass all the time? [laughs] I love it, I’ve been doing the Twerkout class for about 6 to 7 years now.

Talk about these Twerkout classes.

It’s been put a little bit on the backburner for me because I can’t be the face of it anymore, I’m focused on my music career. What I love to focus on is my music so I’ve been finding other amazing dancers, bringing them into our brand and expanding it that way. I’ll always love it, it’s always going to be a part of my show when I’m performing live onstage. I get down, that’s a part of who I am. There’s no denying that. Twerkout is gonna live on, baby.

Baddie Vibez out now! Was this made during quarantine?

Yes, Baddie Vibez album is out officially! I did this during quarantine in a trailer up north in Petaluma where I grew up. I was becoming a little bit of a bad bitch during quarantine. I was bringing my confidence back. I was finding out who I was, what I really liked. I wanted to do music that I felt comfortable performing, something that’s myself that I wouldn’t be nervous doing. This album was more I get to fully dive into being me. It was my first attempt at a rap album so I’m not going to say it’s my best, but I gave in what I gave in for sure and it’s only going to get better. I’m excited.

The name is perfect too, you’re setting the vibe for people. 

Baddie Vibez, the album’s supposed to get people in a good mood. For my girls out there when you’re feeling like you’re not the bad girl you’re supposed to be, it’s going to give you a boost of confidence and your power back.

Somebody’s asking for a twerk lesson.

You’re going to have to join a twerk lesson on my OnlyFans, baby.

How much do you charge?

It depends, everything’s different. Today I have a lap dance video tutorial with my girlfriend, dropping on OnlyFans. I drop twerk freestyles on there, I drop music videos. Very hot music videos, you guys have to go check it out. It’s free to subscribe. Whenever you want to buy or see something, you pay-per-view. You have to type in your credit card info because you pay for content, like any other website. You go on, put your credit card in, sign up, then you have your website. You go onto anyone else’s website and purchase content, it’s really cool.

I think you’re one of the first people to debut music on there, right?

I’m one of the first girls, rappers, artists to debut her singles on OnlyFans, and I take that seriously. [laughs] So seriously.

Talk about your entrepreneurship and being a businesswoman on top of being a creative. 

It takes 24 hour work, but that’s the life you choose. For me, I am my brand. I’m selling myself, so it’s a lot of trying to eat right, stay healthy, sleep correctly. Make my music and you’re still dating, you still have a clothing line and employees that you pay monthly. It’s a lot of work, but it’s something I love to do so it never seems like a job. It’s fun, but it‘s a lot to think about. You’ve got to really stay organized. You have to get your calendars in order, get your team in order and on the same page. It’s a lot of work.

What are the pros & cons of being independent?

Man, releasing music independently has been the biggest struggle and all of us know about it. A lot of people have been talking about it, Russ talks about it online a lot. That shit’s serious. It’s a lot of disadvantages we have, but also a lot of advantages. You’ve got to learn how to work it. The industry’s like any other business, I’ve learned that. It’s really a political business, that’s why you’ve got to love what you do and you ride it out. There’s no right way, but you’re going to feel it. It should feel good. It shouldn’t feel forced, crazy, or bad.

Justin Love’s the homie, talk about getting him on the closing track “Baddie Vibez”?

I love Justin. I met Justin in the industry 2 years ago, he’s so sweet. His voice is incredible, I’m a big fan. We had to do a record together. I love to sing, why don’t we do a rap, singing record? I did the record, brought him on it after that. I wasn’t going to do any features on the album, but I decided he was the right fit.

How was shooting the visual at Ballet? 

It was very last minute. This is the type of stuff you have to deal with, I’m an independent artist so I literally scheduled the shoot myself. I’m doing everything myself. I’m making sure hair, makeup, everyone’s there. I have an assistant, but still a lot of work. I woke up, my video guy calls me like “all of my equipment is stolen.” Someone got into his car, stole the camera and everything. I paid for the venue, so much money’s going out already. I’m freaking out, “what the fuck are we going to do?” We’re over here pulling strings, calling people. “We have a shoot in an hour!” Finally, we got it done. The visuals were beautiful, the outfits were beautiful, makeup and hair were great. It was a very quick shoot. I’m trying to make shoots very easy, minimal money. I’m an independent artist, easy for me naturally in my normal element. We haven’t been making things complicated over here.

Do you miss outside? Were you outside before quarantine?

I was travelling so much before quarantine, luckily I wasn’t missing out. I do want to travel again now, I’m waiting on my passport. The closest place for sure is Tulum, sneak me in somehow. [laughs] I need to get out of here. I’ve been in LA the whole time and up north. I haven’t really gone anywhere so I’m looking for a big, big, big vacation ASAP. Hawaii or Miami.

Who’s Virgin Lex?

Ooh. Virgin Lex is me in my natural element. She’s the baddest version, born again. Quarantine made me into into a born again Lexy, who I knew I was. A friend of mine said “oh, Virgin Lex,” and it stuck. I really like that. 

What’s your workout regime?

Actually, your girl has a Hot Girl Workout in celebration of the “Hot Girl” record. It’s a 10-minute booty workout class, you’ll see what I do to keep in shape. I also obviously do a lot of Twerkout, keeps the girls in shape. No lie, it’s a really good workout.

Do you work out everyday?

No, I do not. I have a personal trainer when I want to, I go hiking. I love hiking. The weather’s been weird because of the smoke, but I love to stay as active as possible. By the Hollywood sign’s really cool, there’s a huge lake over there. It’s cool, we’ll have to go up.

How long have you been in LA now?

Since ‘06, moved here my junior year of high school. In Sacramento, I was a freshman then a sophomore. I wanted to do the entertainment business, how the hell am I going to do it in Sacramento? I want to act, I want to sing. My dad said “move here and try it out,” so I came here. I should’ve gotten into it early. If I was to tell my younger self, I would’ve gotten more serious way earlier. I’m active! I’m always working, always trying to make myself better.

Goals for yourself?

I really want to tour. As soon as the world opens up, God’s going to put me on a tour and I’ma be super prepared for it. I’m excited.

Greatest memory touring with DaniLeigh?

Ooh! Just in the van, because we rented a huge van to travel all up and down the coast. Me and my dancers, my assistant Ainsley, my best friend had a great time in there. Practicing moves in the car, singing, dancing, that was fun. Dani’s cool, she’s a vibe. Now that I’m doing the rapping thing, me and her together would be a lit show.

Even a song would be fire!

I’d love a record with Dani. Dani let me know, I’m ready. She knows I’m ready.

What does female empowerment mean to you?

You’re going to accept who you are, be the best that you can be, and work on yourself. There’s no excuses for being a bad bitch, you’re just going to be one. Don’t say sorry for it. Don’t let him ever tell you that you’re not a bad bitch, because you are.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Honestly, my passion’s in my music and I hope you guys can accept me as an artist. I’ve been doing it for a long time, I love it. It’s my favorite thing to do. I can’t wait to perform for you guys. Follow me if you don’t follow me already!

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