April 16, 2021

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Hip-Hop and R&B singer Toni Romiti has been out of the limelight recently, and now we know why. The star, who has hundreds of millions of streams, YouTube views, and celebrity admirers such as the Kardashians, Toni has created a career out of her bold music featuring candid rhymes, soulful velvety vocals and inventive R&B soundscapes.

Today, Toni has proudly unveiled her new journey as a mom and that she’s having a baby girl. Through her extraordinary powers of visual storytelling and a beautifully crafted song, Toni has come up with a novel and heartfelt way to share this exciting news unleashing a new single and video for “My Fire.”

“Now that my baby is here and healthy, I’m proud to share with my Romiti Gang that I am someone’s mom now. The choice to be private couldn’t have gone any better. I knew I wanted to do a cool video announcement, but I didn’t want it to be a stereotypical gender reveal. Stereotypical gender reveals don’t offer a child the grace to just be themselves. I wanted to announce my pregnancy in a way that wasn’t imposing masculinity or femininity onto my child. I wish I’d seen more of that message when I was growing up, so I’m putting it out into the world now.”

The video for “My Fire” follows a spiritual messenger who embodies a child as she embarks on a loving mission to bring Toni a glowing, circular orb that reveals that she is pregnant with a baby girl. The visuals also bring together the elements that give life, earth, air, water and fire to further narrate the story of birth. Toni’s partner Jacoeb, plays himself in the video further highlighting the important bond of family.

Toni sends this powerful message out to the world in hopes that her baby will be encouraged to be a powerful and compassionate individual who is given the grace to ultimately be who she wants to be.

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