April 21, 2021

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Kate Clover oozes rock n’ roll. After years of touring and working on various music projects, the LA rocker announced her debut solo EP, Channel Zero (co-produced by Brandon of Crocodiles) last month. Today, Clover shares a Joan-Jett-meets-21st-century-dating-app satirical music video directed by Rebecca Knox (of Orange Is the New Black) to accompany the track. And let me tell you, it is not one to miss.

Gritty, provocative, and unapologetically camp, Kate Clover has truly outdone herself this time. Clad head-to-toe in black, our punk-rock protagonist stands center-stage in a cabaret club with a lipstick-red Supro, a leather jacket, and a look to kill. One by one, an eclectic range of BDSM suitors enter the stage and are voted off by her audience in a dating game show spoof. Meanwhile, the rowdy backing band chugs on, shredding guitar riffs and heavy-hitting drum rolls for a Blondie-meets-The Jam retro bop. Above the noise, Clover’s signature husky alto commands the stage, drawing in her audience for more.

Flaunt sat down with Kate to chat about her latest release and her upcoming EP.

What is the inspiration behind the video, “Love You To Death”? 

We wanted to make a dating game show parody with an S&M twist. We were inspired deeply by John Waters’ campiness and David Lynch.

How did you cast it? Why did you choose people to be in the roles they’re in?

Everyone in the video are close friends. After Rebecca sent me the treatment we got on the phone and cast all the roles. It felt effortless because everyone we chose fit their parts perfectly.

Tell us about the process of making this video! What was it like working with Rebecca Know?

Rebecca and I are very good at pushing each other’s ideas to the max. We don’t work with our ego so the best ideas are always the guiding force.

Your debut EP comes out next month. What can we expect from the new music and how was it working with your boyfriend/co-producer, Brandon of Crocodiles?

Brandon is a great collaborator. We have similar tastes in music so the project came together seamlessly. I’ve never met someone who adores music as much as he does in every aspect and form. He helped me evoke the spirit of each song and helped me get into the right mindset to approach each one uniquely. He also helped me channel myself in a way I’ve never been able to. It was a cathartic experience.

Stream “Love You To Death” everywhere now. Kate Clover’s debut EP, Channel Zero, is due out May 15th on SongVest.

Photo Credit: Gustavo Astudillo

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