September 2, 2021

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London’s Natalie Shay is back with another vibrant single, “New Wave.” After recently releasing her summertime single “Medicine Boy,” the singer-songwriter is keeping up the momentum with her latest drop. Staying true to her classic signature pop sound, this bubbly track will fill you with excitement, laced in 80’s synths from start to finish. From relatable songs of heartbreak to tracks about her magical passion for new adventures, Shay never fails to give us an authentic view into life in her 20’s.

Her new single “New Wave” touches on the excitement at the prospect of new love. Despite fears at the rush of love, her track is a burst of romance and eagerness for a positive outcome, with lyrics touching on the chance of a fresh slate post-breakup. Shay confides, “After a relationship, there’s that little period of time where you need to find your way, then the new wave comes and it’s a super exciting start of something new.”

With pulsing synth melodies, the track has a nostalgic wash, emitting a 1980’s meets 2021 fusion of pop, giving off Fickle Friends vibes with the colorful funk guitar and pounding drums. In true Shay style, her pop singles are full of energy, relatability and delicious guitar riffs exploding in energy and youth. Written alongside Kaity Rae (The Shires, GIRLI and Liv Dawson), the lyrics burst with pure fun and total nervousness at the unknown aspect of her next chapter.

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