November 30, 2021

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If you’re a fan of music, you’re a fan of Jenny March. The pop artist hails from Cincinnati, Ohio (which she calls the Nasti Nati), but now calls sunny Los Angeles her home. Ever since she was little, she wanted to be a singer-songwriter, watching the likes of Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears – hoping to one day become a big pop star herself.

Jenny is someone who thrives on stage, with a passion beyond just creating music, but actually performing it. Being a dancer goes with her artistry, and she’s been putting in the work necessary to take her to the next level of exposure. In fact, she’s been doing everything completely independently with no management at the moment.

Fast forward to today, March returns with her official “Scream” remix collaborating with EDM duo Disco Fries. The synergy on the record is unmatched, as Disco Fries turns her pop ballad into a certified dance floor bop.

Flaunt caught up with Jenny virtually, who was in high spirits posted up in Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss her roots in Cincinnati, her sound, how Disco Fries got on the remix, the making of “Scream,” studio essentials, rock influences, love for Miley Cyrus, her upcoming singles, and more!

How are you today!?

I’m good, but it’s cold in LA. I’m loving it though. I’m ready for the fall weather. I like dressing for fall, but I like the hot weather.

What was it like growing up in Cincinnati?

It was way more slow-paced than LA. Everybody knows everybody in the town. Small town, you can’t do anything without somebody else knowing. But really really nice people. For me, I went to theater camp. I’d been traveling since I was a kid so I really loved the big city. I knew what I wanted to do since I was little so for me, I had to get out of there. I left when I was 15.

How would you describe your own sound?

That’s always a tough question. People describe my sound differently whenever I ask them what they think of it. It’s always hard trying to find an artist that you feel similar to because you feel like you’re different from everybody else. I love music that makes you feel all sorts of things. I love dancing. I grew up dancing, so that is a big part of it. Being on stage performing. It’s music that’s more in the pop realm for sure, but it has influences of R&B and rock in it. I love a good guitar solo, I have a lot of music that’s going to have really awesome, sick guitars stacked. I’m excited for the new music that’s coming out too.

Is Jenny March your real name?

Yeah. I know, I’m one of those artists who kept their real names.

Were there any contenders for names other than Jenny March?

I wanted to do Blue or Baby Blue. That’s the only one I could think of. Blue’s my favorite color. My dad went to Duke: Blue Devils. Blue’s always been a cool name I thought for a girl. I thought of that years ago, but then I got persuaded to keep my own name. I like Jenny March, it’s cool.

Talk about the “Scream” remix and how you got to link with Disco Fries. 

 Basically, I just messaged them. I’m an independent artist. I don’t have a manager. I’ve been doing everything on my own. It’s been a lot of work but it’s something I’m really passionate about, I want this to be my career. While I’ve been trying to find a new manager, I’ve been doing everything on my own. I made a list of all these DJs I really relate to, and I really love their work. Disco Fries is one of them. They responded in a day and a half and said “yo, we fuck with this track.” I’m like no way!

They live in New York so we emailed back and forth, and talked about what I was looking for with the “Scream” remix. I really wanted it to be a dance/clubby track. The song’s the focus track off my EP, I felt this would do the best to have a remix. We talked about what I wanted for it, I wanted this really big drop. When they sent me the first rough, it was crazy. It was so good already. “This is the first rough you’re sending me? There has to have been other roughs before this.”

Really, it was that good?

It was so good, I was shocked. Normally, I have so many notes to give. As an artist, you’re picky about your shit. It was crazy, it was really good. Super blessed to have worked with them. They’re really great people, two awesome guys.

Bring us back to the original song.

I wrote it mid-quarantine when everything was going to shit. [laughs] In the heart of quarantine when you’re locked away, you couldn’t go out yet. I was trying to look for inspiration because I went through a dry period and wasn’t having inspiration to write. I thought “What’s going on? I don’t like this.” I was writing my EP during this time.

I was writing this other song of mine called “Boys Think We’re Crazy,” when I came up with the pre-melody for “Scream.” It’s weird. It’s the same key, but completely opposite of this sad vulnerable ballad. I started “Scream,” I said “hold on, we need to pause this. I need to take this idea and go with this vibe real quick. Me and my producer Knox ended up writing “Scream. It’s about trying to look for that inspiration that makes you feel alive and makes you wanna scream. It’s about what that feeling is when you find it too.

What makes you scream?

I just went to Disneyland and I went on roller coasters and that was super fun. Me and my boyfriend went 3 days in a row. They had a pass for California residents. It was so fun, we went to Disneyland and California Adventure. They had it all decorated for Halloween too, it was pretty. 3 days is great, you can see everything. California Adventure, you can do in one day honestly. Disney you can take your time a little bit more because it’s bigger, but the rides are fun at California Adventure.

Can we expect a visual for “Scream” remix?

 We have a visualizer out. I did a cool animated visualizer that’s out on YouTube. For the original song, there’s a music video for that out on YouTube. I’m not doing a full-on music video for the remix, we just threw on the visualizer. If I had more budget I totally would, but right now I can’t. I’m working on more music, I have new singles coming out soon. I’m about to put them in and hopefully get the ball rolling on that, then hopefully another album.

What can we expect from your new singles?

Lots of guitars, more crazy drops. A little more rock side of me, but it’s still in my lane. They’re really fun, I’m so excited for them to come out.

Where does your rock influence come from?

My mom is a huge rock fan, so I get that side from her. My dad’s more of the R&B and soul type person. My mom and I really love the Rolling Stones, that was one of her favorites so I obviously listen to them a lot. Janis Joplin, I love Fleetwood Mac.

3 things that you need in the studio at all times?

I need snacks, that’s for sure. [laughs] I love Reese’s. I need good chocolate. Besides everything that’s already in the studio, I need my Starbucks. I’m definitely that Starbucks girl, always coming into a session with Starbucks. I literally have Starbucks with me right now, I get an Iced Chai Tea Latte. I need my phone and my computer to write music on. I do both sometimes, it depends on how I’m feeling.

What inspires you the most in the studio?

Just the other people that I’m with, the creative energy. When you’re talking to a creative person, it’s different. They understand you differently, and you bounce off each other. The energy that I get personally in the studio is really fucking awesome.

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

Ooh, I’m all over the board with that. I’m a Gemini so I have so many different moods that I get in. I love streetwear, I love dressing like a boy. I love sneakers, but then I love a good heels moment with a classy blazer and biker shorts. Some days I’m more girly. Especially in the summer, I can’t wear anything because it’s so hot. I’m literally all over the board, my fashion literally depends. Now in the wintertime, I’m dressing more covered in baggy clothes.

How does it feel to be a SavagexFenty brand ambassador?

It’s cool! The new SavagexFenty show that came out is so sick. Rihanna is one of my favorite artists of all-time so being able to collab with them was really awesome. It was a dream. I’d love to meet her and have coffee with her. Be her best friend and smoke all day, that’d be great. It’s been great. I love their lingerie. They make clothes for all different kinds of people which is really awesome and important to embrace everybody’s individuality. And it’s hot, they’re sexy clothes and I always feel confident in them.

What do you want fans to get from your story?

It’s really cool to see people resonate with things that you’ve written because it’s things that you’ve experienced. You don’t necessarily know if anybody else has gone through the same things. It takes a lot of vulnerability to be able to express those things, to put them out in the world and not know the reaction you’re going to get. It’s really awesome and it really touches me to know that people respond to it and feel a certain way. Hopefully, they’re inspired by it and learn something from it.

I know that you love festivals, what’s your favorite set that you’ve seen?

Oh my god! Recently, I went to Life Is Beautiful and I went to Austin City Limits. I saw Miley, #1 for sure. I literally only went to see Miley pretty much. My best friend moved to Austin recently so I went there. Miley was so good, so was Rufus Du Sol. He’s an EM guy. Tyler the Creator was really sick as well. My one friend’s not a fan but I said we had to go. He’s a little different,  but he’s sick. Tame Impala and Glass Animals were really really good, but Miley is definitely my #1. My little baby, my baby heart.

What do you like about Miley?

I love everything. I love her music. I grew up listening to her and watching her show when I was younger, so that’s been cool to see how her career has progressed this long. How she’s handled herself and what she does to stay relevant. Her personality, she’s humble and really is so wise beyond her years. I love her family, they have a close-knit family. I love who she is along with her music.

Anyone you wanna collaborate with?

Ooh, Post Malone would be sick. I want to collab with a guy for sure. I’ve collab’ed with other women, Post Malone I love his voice with the rap-singing stuff. That’d be lit.

What’re you most excited for next?

I’m most excited for these next songs I’m going to release, that’s what I’ve been gearing up for after this “Scream” remix. After I’m finished promoting that, I’m getting onto the new music. Continue to release and release and release, then drop another album.

What can we expect from the album?

I don’t know yet, I  haven’t started writing it yet. I’ve been writing a bunch of singles. My EP was an introduction to who I was and showing the different styles that I like, things that make me an artist. For this one, I’m either going to do two shorter EPs, maybe 4 and 4, then do a full-length that’s 12. I’m messing around with it and seeing where I want to go. I’m going to write and see what pops up. If I plan too much, it won’t be as natural.

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