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Exclusive Interview: Blanco Balling

January 8, 2022

Introducing Blanco Balling, the rapper and entrepreneur who was born in Nicaragua, raised in the Bay Area’s San Francisco Mission District, but now calls Mexico home more than once in his life. As a kid, he also resided in various cities across Southern California, including East LA, Echo Park and Long Beach. Describing himself as ” a multifaceted artist sharing his experiences in a musical way,” Blanco is able to rap in both Spanish and English languages, aiming for the top spot on all the charts. Now, he returns to unleash his newest single titled “Lil Vietnam,” tapping the one and only Kap G.

Read our exclusive interview below!

How’d you get your name?

People started calling me Blanco out of nowhere and since I was Balling already, it just sounded good together.

When did you fall in love with music?

As a kid I had problems sleeping and the only way I was able to rest was by putting some music on. That’s when I fell in love with music.

Biggest influences?

Mac Dre, Tupac, Biggie, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Mac Mall, San Quinn. What really showed me I could also make it as a Latino rapper was the 17 Reasons album by Black and Brown Entertainment.

How would you describe your sound?

I can’t describe my sound, you would just have to hear it and tell me.

What inspired your new song, “Lil Vietnam”? 

“Lil Vietnam” inspiration has to do with all those I’ve tried to help while they were trying to hurt me at the same time, but that didn’t stop shit. We still on the rise like a penthouse.

How did Kap G end up on the song?

I heard the beat and instantly knew Kap G needed to be on it, so my manager Nano reached out to him.

Is there a video?

Yes, there’s a raw ass video shot in Mexico City with Brazilian models.

One thing you want fans to take from the song?

I want fans to know that we all face betrayal, but the important thing is how we react to it, keep going and moving forward.

What’re you most excited for next?

I’m most excited to see how my music is received by a broader audience.

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