Florida Rapper Hurricane Wisdom Drops “Who I Am” & Opens Up About His Upbringing

May 7, 2024

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Hurricane Wisdom has some of the biggest cosigns in the rap game, including Rod Wave whom he credits for being the main artist that made him want to pursue a rap career himself.

Hailing from Florida, Hurricane Wisdom is a rising star who creates pain music, building a loyal, dedicated fanbase that confide in his music to feel better and get them through tough times.

In describing his sound, Hurricane Wisdom states, “I really feel like I’m ahead of myself. ‘Cause the shit I be making, it’s not in one little category. I be making a whole bunch of shit forreal. From pop shit to Spanish songs, all types of shit. It’s really me.”

Most recently, Hurricane Wisdom unveiled the official music video to his new single titled “Who I Am,” giving fans a sneak peak of his upbringing at his grandma’s house.

You just dropped “Who I Am,” what was your mindstate recording this record?

Everything I be making just be me. That’s when I had locked in with this producer named Morgan O’Connor. He does all my guitar shit. That acoustic guitar on ”Who I Am,” he made that. That was prior from locking in in Tennessee, it was a vibe out there. It’s more like my spot. It’s not like Miami. Nashville is not like over here, it feels more like Havana. It actually got Walmarts and shit. It put me in that country vibe. We’re on the guitar, on that guitar level. “Who I Am,” that’s Hurricane Wisdom. Just Wisdom I should say.

Is that your son in the music video?

No no no, that’s my nephew. He just turned one.

Best memory from shooting the music video?

Just going to my grandma’s crib again. I ain’t been over it in a minute. I usually go over there for holidays.

You grew up with her right?

Yeah, I spent most of my life with my grandma.

Where were your parents?

My mom, she was locked up for five years and It wasn’t like my pops wasn’t in the picture, I’ll never say that. Because he definitely was. I ended up moving with my pops, middle school. Sixth grade to be exact. That’s when I moved with my dad. I moved back with my grandma, then I came back with my dad eighth grade to damn near 11th. We moved to Texas. I had got kicked out, moving with my mom. It was a lot.

What’d you get kicked out for?

Well shit, the first time was at my dad’s spot. I was moving fast, but it was on some shit like I was growing up. I was working my job so shit, I’ma smoke. I’m not going to disrespect you and smoke in your crib, because he said “Don’t smoke in my crib.” The slick ass guy I am, I end up smoking on the way to my job. On the way back, I ended up getting caught. He said “You either gonna quit, or you can move back to Tally with your mom.”

Quit? Shit, I’ll book the flight myself. Fuck it. Because they was really trying to stop motion low key. He said “you ain’t gon’ be making no more Instagram videos. Ain’t gon’ be no football, no Chik-fil-A, none of that. You won’t be making nothing. You’ll be in the crib, in them books.” Oh fuck lil bro, I’ll book my own flight.

How were you getting money? Where were you working?

I was working at Chik-fil-A. I was working there for a minute. I can’t even say that, I was only working at Chik-fil-A for five months.

You liked it? 

I fuck with Chik-fil-A. I do, they gave us so many bonuses. You get birthday bonus, all types of shit.

What’s your favorite item?

Nuggets, it’s always the 12 count. Or if I got the munchies, I’ma fuck up the 30 count.

In the video, your homie said you used to snitch? 

Nah. [laughs] That’s my big brother. My older siblings used to torment me, and I’d run to my grandma every time. “They doing this, da-da-da.” Hell yeah! I got older, then I turned into one of them [laughs.]

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