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A trip to the IMAX VR Centre is a must.

May 29, 2017

Happy Sunday. It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I am avoiding the turn up lmao. Anyone else?

Today, I took advantage of the night off to finally visit the IMAX VR Centre located in West Hollywood, right across from The Grove. So many of my friends had seen it and put it on my radar. There’s only 2 flagship stores: one in Los Angeles and one in New York. Of course, even more reason to go. Virtual reality is the new wave.

This isn’t your average visit to the movies, as you would assume from the IMAX in the name. This was interactive. Everyone knows what virtual reality is. This is a step beyond that.

Per their website: “Prepare for a mind-shattering VR experience with insanely immersive visuals and 360 sound that will launch you and your friends into virtual worlds more realistic than anything you’ve ever imagined. Shoot, soar, save the day and play to win in a state-of-the-art IMAX VR Experience Centre. Welcome to the future. You’re not ready, but you will be.”

That last line was too real. I wasn’t ready lmao. But honestly, we all had an amazing time. This was a group outing. Huge thanks to Christine, who allowed me to cover. I ended up inviting 6 friends to join me, and it was perfect. This experience is meant to be shared with others, so I highly encourage you to make it a field trip. Half the fun is watching your friends as they take turns entering this VR world.

First off, I think the location being right across The Grove is so smart. That means families and friends can just walk across the street and come as they please. We all met around 7:30pm. There’s a lot you can park in underneath for $8, which is 100% worth not having to deal with parking on busy Fairfax Ave. We walk upstairs to find the most lit, clean, modern, just attractive to the eye facility. What a beautiful space for this venture.

The staff were all extremely kind and patient, especially with me who had questions on questions on questions.  I was just so confused because online there were so many times for so many different options. They explained how it worked. You pay $7-$25 for a pod, which is either single player or 2 players.

If you’re planning on coming, I would just plan for a time for everyone to meet and then you can decide once you arrive. There’s a computer screen at the front desk updated with what options are available and when. There are so many to choose from and the real struggle comes in picking which one you want to do most. The catch: the price depends on which option you choose, and most only last for 10-15 minutes, if even. Honestly, we could have spent all day here if we had money to blow. This was pure entertainment no matter which way you were viewing it: a player or an outsider.

After getting sorted and settled, we make our way inside. I immediately see little kids strapped up and having the time of their lives. It was so adorable. We had chosen the EAGLE FLIGHT MULTIPLAYER option, which was essentially 3 vs. 3 Capture The Flag. This left Corey playing JOHN WICK CHRONICLES all by himself. Shout out to him for taking one for the team. He came back with nothing but positive feedback which hit me with FOMO lmao. I loved the movie John Wick. He made me want to try it.

Ugh. I’m the only one who hated this EAGLE FLIGHT game, I swear lmao. Tbh, I hate video games. Partly because I’m slow and I suck. This definitely required some minimal knowledge on how to work a controller. The VR aspect of it was so dope though. The moment she put the headset on me, I was trippin lmao. In a good way. It’s literally this whole other dimension that you insert yourself in. No matter which way you look, there’s something there. So unreal.

Here’s the description: “50 years after humans have vanished from the earth, the city of Paris, as well as the skies above it, are yours. Soar, dive, race and fight to protect your territory from your opponents. Experience the freedom of flight along with the thrill of aerial combat.”

Me and my 2 girls were on one side, up against my 3 friends on the other side of the divider. We were all birds, and it was so cute cause you could see your beak extending out over your gaze. I literally ate shit lmao. I kept flying into walls and was just overall useless. There were 2 rounds, and we lost both. 10-0. Smh lmao.

Instead of capture the flag, it was the capture the rabbit. My homeboy Ian on the other team is a VR expert. So much so, he has his own VR headset in his apartment, in his bedroom lmao. I assumed he was the one scoring and slaying, but it wasn’t even him. It was his homeboy and even V scored 2 points. HOW? I literally could barely fly lmao. All I had to do to steer was tilt my head and I legit couldn’t get that concept down. Definitely dragged our team down.

I really wasn’t planning on spending money but I could not pass up The Walk for $7. Seven!!! That’s so good for this traumatizing experience lmao. I heard, if you’re scared of heights, you might not want to try this. I didn’t think I was until I put on that headset. Holy shit.

Ready? “94 stories up on a wire stretched between two skyscrapers. Don’t look down. In “The Walk” you step into the shoes of Philippe Petit as he attempts to walk a cable between the towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. Petit trained for years to make history. Do you have what it takes?”

This was terrifying. Literally. Insane how real it was. I definitely recommend this over the others. It was one for the books. Shout out to my girl Val for capturing this clip of me. It honestly took a long time for me to actually take a step. Embarassing because the floor is right under me the entire time…

Afterward, Corey and Val took on the RAW DATA MULTIPLAYER. It looked like they had the time of their lives (FOMO). In this one, you team up with a friend (or significant other) and fight robots. They were ducking and shooting and the whole nine yards. The Snaps were priceless.

If you’re looking for an adventure, I highly recommend you checking this out! The VR Sampler for $25 is a steal, which is at the LA location only. We’re already talking about coming back.

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