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BROCKHAMPTON Shuts Down The Novo In Los Angeles

April 18, 2018

Tuesday, April 17th

Happy Tuesday! I drove down to Irvine today to the Weedmaps headquarters, which turned into the most lit work day ever. Literally. Lit.

A real fucking smoke break room. I was home lmao.

Huge shout out again to Duke for having me. Got to watch him interview Chris Webby as he rolled a j and got high. What a life.

And he was reppin’ a Popular Demand shirt that my girl Monica just laced him with yesterday. <3

Mood. I was so excited to see Brockhampton at The Novo tonight. First off, Jaden Smith brought them out at his sold out show recently. Real recognize real. These guys are literally my favorite. Everyone’s favorite. I don’t even know how to describe them. They’re like a boy band, but Hip Hop edition. Their main leader is Kevin Abstract who is known for his wild social media antics, but honestly, each and every single one of these guys are dope as hell. Their first song was “Summer” and all I could notice was how hyped the entire room was. This was a real Hip Hop show.

“BOOGIE” had all 15 members on stage dancing and having the time of their life. What I could not get over was how in sync all the members were at all times, along with the music.

#BROCKHAMPTON was lit last night

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Speaking of, can we talk about their live band behind them with masks over their faces? I think they’re part of the group actually. Who knows. Duke actually knows Dom McLennon who is from Connecticut. He’s interviewed him before. So jealous lmao. Dom ended up stealing the spotlight for a sec with a little dance number. It was lit. He even moonwalked.

“ZIPPER,” “STAR,” “QUEER,” GUMMY,” and my fav, “GOLD.” “SWAMP” was another super memorable one from the evening. All their songs are capitalized. Attention to detail at its finest. I loved how each guy rocked a bulletproof vest with a word on it. At first, I thought it was their names. Until I saw one rock “Ni**er” and realized that it def wasn’t their names lmao. If you need a starter, peep their entire SATURATION III project. “BLEACH” is the single but “HOTTIE” is my fav.

Ain’t shit changin but history.

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Btw, these guys just signed to RCA Records for $22 million. The money be coming in.

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