‘Late Night’ w/ Mindy Kalin Has Many Life Messages

June 16, 2019

Sunday, June 16th

Happy Father’s Day. Happy Tupac day. Family is literally all you have in life. I’m so fucking grateful for my brother. Dunno what I’d do without him. Today, we did something out of the norm: we went on a hike! Shout out to James & Daniel for always doing what my crazy ass comes up with.

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finding the beauty in LA.

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We hit up Eaton Canyon in Pasadena which was about 3.5 miles round trip. There’s a waterfall at the end which is what I was craving. There were a lot of people out, and a lot of dogs. If dogs can hike, so can you. It was a super easy trail but it just felt so good to be in nature.

Then we got a massage at HD Warm Spa in Alhambra, which was much needed. I’ve been dreaming of this massage for over a month. I’m super cheap so spending money on anything is hard, but I deserve this. We all do. It was my decision to see Late Night afterward, which was actually pretty good. We hit the 8:15pm showing at AMC Atlantic 14 in Monterey Park. The end dragged for a bit, but it was entertaining with tons of life messages.

IMDB plot: A late-night talk-show host suspects that she may soon lose her long-running show.

The movie stars Mindy Kaling who I just super fuck with. You may recognize her from New Girl, but she’s overall a badass actress and female figure. The movie basically centers around a mock Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon, and it’s so eye-opening of what actually goes on behind closed doors. These talk shows literally have writers to write their jokes, that blows my mind.

Emma Thompson is the Late Night host, it’s her show. Off the rip, it was a trip down memory lane with The Parent Trap, one of the most iconic movies of all time. I love her British accent. She’s your typical crazy boss bitch CEO & Mindy ends up writing for her. The movie somehow got ~90% which surprised me. I thought it was good, but not THAT good. I don’t think it deserved that high lmao. It says it’s an hour 42 minutes, but it really felt like 2 hours.

Maybe I was just anxious at the end & wanted to move on with my day? I dunno. Can’t believe it’s Monday already. BET weekend is gonna be brazy.

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