‘Boogie’ Highlights Chinese Culture & Sees Pop Smoke In Acting Debut

March 21, 2021

Saturday, March 20th

Holy shit, the movies are back open!!!! I never thought the day would come, but going back to AMC Burbank 16 really did it for me lmao. The smell of movie theater popcorn… sheesh. But the real gamechanger was Boogie. First off, I’ve been working so fucking much I haven’t even had a chance to see what movies were out, but this shit is actually fire. It’s about an Asian basketball player who’s struggling to meet the expectations of his parents, while trying to accomplish his own dreams of making it to the NBA. Literally walk into the theater to his parents speaking Chinese on the big screen, with English subtitles. Immediately triggered lmao… still working on that family trauma, you feel me?

Oh and Pop Smoke’s acting in it. And it’s written and directed by Eddie Huang. He’s the genius behind Fresh Off The Boat, also has his own BaoHaus restaurant Corey used to work at lmao. (Corey if you’re reading this I miss you!! Need a PIC for the movies.) But yeah, definitely want to bring up the recent Asian Americans attacks and how tragic to see that this is the world, the reality in which we live in. Where people thinks OKAY to treat elderly people like this. Not even pulling the race card, old people in general should not be attacked. Who raised you? 🙁 Eddie’s been vocal about these attacks, which is great because he has a huge platform.

IMDB plot: Coming-of-age story of Alfred “Boogie” Chin, a basketball phenom living in Queens, New York, who dreams of one day playing in the NBA. While his parents pressure him to focus on earning a scholarship to an elite college, Boogie must find a way to navigate a new girlfriend, high school, on-court rivals and the burden of expectation.


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First off, to see an Asian American on the big screen like this is really truly heartwarming. It’s crazy ’cause my brother literally hit me last night asking what I thought about YG’s “Meet The Flockers,” when he raps “find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts” in the very second line. That’s honestly racist af & made me sad. I listened to that album too (My Krazy Life) & never noticed. Anyways back to Boogie!! Shout out to the actor Taylor Takahashi, he did an incredible job in my eyes. The movie chronicles his life struggles from family to basketball to his girlfriend… just all things relatable. There was humor throughout also, funny parts you couldn’t help but laugh.

UPDATE just found out Taylor wasn’t even an actor, Eddie was playing pick up basketball games with him then hired him to be his assistant. He saw potential in him and made him audition for the role because he knew he could hoop. That’s so dope to me.

We hit the 9:50pm showing at AMC Burbank 16, & definitely was late. They’re only allowed to do 45 max capacity in each movie theater apparently, which makes sense with Covid. It was busy though! The film was only an hour 30 minutes too, literally the perfect length for a movie (I say this all the time). Pop Smoke plays the bad boy basketball player the main star ends up playing against, killed his role completely. The soundtrack was fire af too, had a lot of Pop’s songs. It was really dope to see him act, & breaks my heart he passed away at age 20.

The deepest thing for me was the Chinese culture, so many traditions and gestures such as sitting down for dinner, pouring tea, parents arguing lmao. All real though, which is why I’m happy people can see how deep it goes. Made me look inside & reevaluate my own relationship with my parents. I’m 30 now & still resisting therapy. I know I need it though. Starting this 21 day meditation challenge tomorrow & actually geeked. I’ve been working OD, 17 hour days everyday. Not complaining, but people don’t understand this grind is no joke. Literally cherish the moments I get to walk Slim.

Anyways! New episode of Shirley’s Temple just dropped with Lexy Panterra, honestly my favorite one yet. Please like, comment, subscribe to my Youtube… every little bit helps!!

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