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Exclusive Interview: Moon

January 11, 2022

Compton is home to many greats, and Moon is next up. The talented singer-songwriter is also a filmmaker, and balancing both worlds with her artistry proves to be very full circle. Most recently, Moon unveiled her newest single and visual for “Weight Of The World,” aligning directly with her overall message to shed light on dark places. She purposefully doesn’t show herself in the music video at all, not only directing it but honoring Black men and the importance of the Black family united. Hence, Moon casted various talented Black males in her city to uplift one another, reminding them they are “divine and protected” despite the constant mistreatment they are faced with.

Read our exclusive interview below!

When did you fall in love with music?

I’ve always had a great love for music and healing ambiance sounds since I was a child. My first first vivid memory of falling in love with music was when my dad would play Sade in the car on my way to school. I believe I fell in love with the peace it brought me more than anything.

Biggest Influences ?

My biggest influences are Frank Ocean, Sade, and Kendrick Lamar.

How would you describe your sound?

If I had to describe my sound into two words, it would be artistically healing. Creating music has always been a very personal and healing experience for me. I believe strongly in the power of the tongue as well as the power of music. Music has a bigger impact on our spirits than we believe. We listen, we feel, we internalize. If I can pour love into my music, then I feel I can impact at least one person.

What inspired your new song, “Weight of the World”? 

My latest single, “Weight of The World.” is a message that has been heavy on my heart for some time. It’s a piece that is dedicated to Black men from the perspective of me, a Black woman. It’s important to me that all Black men make it home at the end of the night. 

What do you want fans to take away from the record?

I wanted people to see how powerful and beautiful black men are. The world has been so heavy lately, and I wanted to share uplifting to try and heal our souls. The climate of my city has recently been so violent and I want fans to feel a bit at ease after watching the video.

Why did you create a whole music video without you in it?

I wanted to create an atmosphere that showcases other people’s beauty. This wasn’t about me. It’s about the black male that we must protect and cherish.

Talk about the balance of being an artist and a director, and how it blends with your artistry.

Being both an artist and director brings me different perspectives because I can tap into different levels of creativity. The blend encourages me to have more of a cinematic sound since I’m such a visual person.. I want my songs to feel like works of art.

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