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Exclusive Interview: ZINGG

July 7, 2022
ZINGG is a musician who pours his heart out and tries to spread messages, so he can connect with the people that feel alone in their situations of love, life or whatever it is. Hailing from Basel, Switzerland but raised in the iconic Notting hill area of west London England, the rising star creates music in the vein of romantic emo and hip-hop, with lyrics and melody that does not go unnoticed. Last year, ZINGG sign a licensing deal with Swiss label irascible Music, going on to release 3 songs with support from Internet Bangers.
Fast forward to today, ZINGG unveils his newest single titled “OHMY,” holding fans over until the release of his forthcoming project titled PURPLE RAIN.
Read our exclusive interview below!
How would you describe your sound?
I’m pretty versatile with my sound. I can make a song to turn up and get wild or I can make a song that you listen to when you just wanna cry all night. It really depends on how I feel in the moment and what’s going on around me. I’d say there’s a song for everyone to like.
Born in the Basel, Switzerland and raised in west London England, how does that play into your life and career?
After spending around 10 years in London, I was able to learn a lot and figure out who I really was. It wasn’t always perfect but I definitely had unforgettable moments there. Moving back to Switzerland was a bit of a shock and I didn’t know until I was there that I’d be staying. It really pushed me to my limits, maybe too much, but it’s helped me build stronger and become better in all ways. In terms of my career, I’m happy to be in Switzerland because there are so many opportunities here compared to a big city like London. I feel closer to the people who support my work and I’ve always wanted to represent my country in some way.
Biggest influences?
Definitely Travis Scott. He was one of the first rappers I listened to and that’s how I started liking rap. I love his vibe and the way he connects with people, it’s really special. I’d also say The Weeknd and Post Malone are up there. They all have unique styles and seeing the way they rose to become the best gives me goosebumps.
At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal?
When Covid, started I started to get into rapping for fun and didn’t expect much from it. But once I came to Switzerland and felt settled in, I was able to put my mind to it and have an image in my head of how I was gonna do it. Since then, it’s all I can think about.
What was the inspiration behind your name?
Well, it’s nothing crazy to be honest. My surname is Zingg. When I was 8 my sports teachers always called me Zingg, or Zingger, Zingger Tower, Zingger Burger, just so many different names. When I got older my friends also always called me Zingg so I guess it just felt right.

New single “OH MY,” what inspired this record?

It’s the first song I really went deep into. We were in Neuchatel, Switzerland making my show set and once we finished we went back to the hotel to record a bunch of songs. “Oh My” was one of them and stood apart from the rest. Truth is at the time, I started falling in love with this girl who made me feel so fucking good. We lived close to each other so we would see each other often, we even went on holiday together and we would call everyday and play League of Legends. She showed me a feeling of not being alone and it was something that hit me hard, so I made this song to tell her that we can make it work and live our best lives. Now, I’m hoping it works out.

What do you want fans to get from it?
I want them to know that they shouldn’t give up on certain people. There might be times that you feel it’s impossible to build certain relationships but you should show that person how you genuinely feel. If they don’t realize it then it’s their lose. It’ll hurt but you’ll either get what you wanted or you’ll see the true colours of that person.
Is there a visual coming?
Yes. I love the visual for this song because it was so natural and we made it right after recording the song so I was already in the mindset or vibe of what I was talking about.
What can we expect from your forthcoming project, Purple Pain?
In this project it’s the first time I go in deep and get personal in my songs. It follows me through the journey of finding someone you would never find again. It’s definitely special and powerful. I’ve really made my best music whilst working on this project.
Why the name Purple Pain?
To be honest, I hadn’t come up with it. My manager Karim must have sent a message in our group chat with a logo design or something. Purple is my favourite colour and pain is what inspired the songs so it works perfectly. Big up to him for that!
Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?
I will be doing more shows soon and I hope to connect with as many people as possible and start to build a strong, loyal fanbase. I want to also make the fans feel like they are a part of this journey and I hope they can relate to my music and remember we are all one big family. Other than that I would say hitting the first million would be pretty cool. There’s so many things but the most important would be just to stay consistent and keep making better music and progress in my songwriting etc.

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