Brent Faiyaz & HXTL Perform Private Showcase At #PutYouOn

May 31, 2018

Wednesday, May 30th

Happy hump day! Today started off with a dope convo with Bay Area legend J. Stalin. I used to slap him heavy back in the day when I drank. “Wanna Get On” is so nostalgic. And his son is so fucking cute. I couldn’t get over it.

Also finally got Hit-Boy in with Felli. His new album Tony Fontana slaps.

Fast forward through the long day, tonight was another private showcase that was featuring one of my favorite singers, Brent Faiyaz. I missed him last time he was in town, but saw him when Sonder came through Teragram Ballroom. Such a beautiful show and even more beautiful human being. I only heard about this event through the grapevine, but it seemed like the place to be. Presented by Instagram and PVTL, #PutYouOn is a “bi-monthly music showcase putting you on to your faves/faves.” Shout out to Slug Agency too. It seemed like so many parties contributed and made this as dope as it was.

First off, shout out to DJ Sean G for throwing down the most lit sets… EVER. He seriously had the party going. There were dance circles and everything. I actually fell in love with the venue, voila! Creative Studio on La Brea. It provided the artsiest, illuminating vibe. Most people went straight to the liquor, which was sponsored by G-Eazy’s Stillhouse (I think this is where he had his album listening also). There was an upstairs and downstairs which wasn’t divided by any sort of bougie VIP section. I absolutely loved the nature-filled landscape you were engulfed in upstairs, setting the mood as if you were outdoors.

So many familiar faces were in attendance, and I loved seeing them all. It was one of those industry events that try to be non-industry and totally succeeds. Besides the great energy, we were here to enjoy the live music/talent. I personally loved seeing HXLT perform. This guy had the BEST attitude and put on a show to remember. It was like punk meets R&B meets soul. Brent Faiyaz was the grand finale.

If you were in the room, you knew all about Brent Faiyaz. He is one of music’s best-kept secrets in my opinion. He performed 3-4 songs, all of which melted the crowd. He also took control of the mic and asked everyone to be quiet so he could hear himself sing… twice. It was a boss move honestly. “Stay Down” and “Insecure” were my favorites.

Honestly I usually never stay this long event. I promise I’m not complaining, I was just tiiiired from the day. I actually have no regrets. Everyone needs Sean G to deejay their party lmao. BUT, there were also mad rumors going around that Pusha T was supposed to be the surprise guest. I had my doubts though. It’s way too sensitive of a time right now. Shout out to Fadia, the boss bitch who made this happen. Tonight was perfect.

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