Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Changed My Entire Outlook On Life

January 3, 2021

Saturday, January 2nd

You guys!! I haven’t written a blog in soooo long I’m low key excited. Today, I finally got around to watching Pixar’s Soul. Honestly, I felt late because my timeline was all filled with people raving about the movie. If you know me, you know I love going to the movies. That’s literally the one thing I miss most out of this crazy COVID-19 pandemic. AMC Theaters was literally my escape from life. But shout out to Marisa for having me over! She fell asleep lmao. But I was thriving throughout this film. Disclaimer: smoke one beforehand. Gamechanger.

First of all, if you haven’t heard of this movie, prepare to be blown away. At least that’s how I felt watching it. Pixar and Disney in general cannot fail. The animation, the content, the writing, the details, the important, heartfelt life messages, the humor… unbelievable. Also holy shit, I just found out the main character’s voice is played by Jamie Foxx & his partner-in-crime is Tina Fey. That just made me like the movie 10x more.


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Okay logistics, I used to go to IMDB for plots but here’s what Google says:

Joe is a middle-school band teacher whose life hasn’t quite gone the way he expected. His true passion is jazz — and he’s good. But when he travels to another realm to help someone find their passion, he soon discovers what it means to have soul.

If you’re going through a mid-life crisis like I am (each & every year, le sigh), this movie will speaks volumes to you. It’s all about life’s purpose & chasing that one dream or one goal… but what really truly makes you happy? As someone who suffers from depression/anxiety/addiction etc. etc., I’m constantly trying to find inner peace. This film helps you realize that life isn’t about passion, contrary to what people think — it’s about the meaningful moments that you hold on to, treasure, & never let go. Moments such as the ability to have your 5 senses & being able to eat + smell food. Moments like hugging your mother & knowing you could always rely on her for anything & everything. Moments like touching & inspiring someone else in any way shape or form, that they too can obtain happiness. I always say happiness is the end goal, & I’ve only learned that recently.

Also the music layer in this movie really resonated with me & my career choice. Growing up in a traditional Asian household, it was always “be a doctor” or “be a lawyer.” In fact, I started taking piano lessons at age 5, and went on to get my Theory certificate a decade later. That shit wasn’t easy! Joe (the main character) finds his happy place when he’s playing the piano & it reminded me of my childhood. So crazy, I always resisted it. Now looking back, I’m so fucking grateful man. I wish I stuck with it because I feel like I lost it.

Not only is the movie heartfelt, but it’s hilarious. Joe meets his match and they end up going to earth together, but they end up switching bodies (like Freaky Friday) and Joe ends up in the cat’s body. I don’t know if that’ll make sense if you don’t watch the movie, but I tried to explain it. It showed crazy perspective… everyone has their own outlooks and experiences in life. Not everyone loves music like I do, and that’s okay! There’s a WHOLE world outside of work & music… I’m realizing that more and more as I get older.

Speaking of, I’m freaking the fuck out that I’m turning 30 in less than a week. Literally fml. I hate birthdays 🙁 Looing back, January 9th was so far away. I was convinced COVID would be gone by now, but my roomie (who’s an emergency room nurse) said it’ll be here until at least next summer. What the fuck!

Biggest takeaway from the movie: You’re born to be one thing, but how do you figure out what that one thing is? Life isn’t so much about purpose, it’s about living. Don’t forget that. <3

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