‘The Whale’ Had Me Sobbing

December 25, 2022

Saturday, December 24th

Holy shit y’all. Did I just watch the saddest movie of 2022? 😭 Have you guys heard of The Whale? Mind you, I heard it was a tear-jerker & that’s definitely a good indicator that I want to see the movie. I love movies that make you cry. I’m emotional okay! But this was just HEAVY! & very triggering. It’s about a dad who’s trying to reconnect with his daughter, whom he walked out on when she was 8 years old. He actually left them for his partner, who is a man.

& to clear things up off rip: this is not a movie about an animal. The main character IS the whale. He’s extremely overweight, like extremely, to the point he can’t walk to the bathroom without his walker. It’s played by Brendan Fraser, homie deserves an Oscar! His performance was captivating, I have no words.

Rotten Tomatoes plot: A reclusive English teacher suffering from severe obesity attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter for one last chance at redemption.

I was honestly so concerned the actor was that big in real life, but definitely a sigh of relief to find out he wasn’t. He’s so overweight in the movie that he’s wheezing… & basically is on the brink of dying. He’s an online college professor, & won’t even turn his camera on because he’s so embarrassed of his weight. Which I can understand why… people are mean man!

I don’t want to give the movie away, but it’s basically two hours of pure emotion. I asked my dad to go, we hit the 8pm showing at AMC Sunnyvale 12. I’m from Sunnyvale, spending a few days back home before I head back to LA. I ended up crying like a little baby. The daughter is a complete rebel & so so so mean to her dad (some would say she had a good reason), but it was also just very triggering for me. I used to be like that w/ my parents. 🙁 def not my proudest moment. & making up for lost time now!

I def recommend this if you’ve already seen Avatar. Nothing else is out worth seeing (IMO).

Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people also. I plan to chill for once & watch the Warriors game. Sending love to everyone out there.

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