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Jez Dior Turns The Peppermint Club Into A Full-Blown Party

November 10, 2017

Thursday, November 7

Happy Thursday. I’m still having a really hard time grasping the fact that it’s almost mid-November. Where tf did 2017 go? I just feel like I’m getting older and older and it’s not okay. But ANYWAYS. Tonight was going to be special and I knew it. Introducing Jez Dior from Los Angeles. After tonight, I’m not sure where to group him. I think every rapper nowadays is pushing the boundaries of the genre “rap,” but it’s a beautiful thing. Jez Dior is a hybrid of all of it: rap, R&B, rock, grunge… you name it. One thing’s for sure, he’s an incredible human being.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at his last event in LA. He’s an absolute sweetheart. That was more of a family affair, while tonight was a showcase for the elites. Just kidding, but this was definitely the epitome of a music industry event. The best part was Jez’ ability to turn the stale vibes into a full-blown party. Literally. Jez 100% showed out tonight for every single person in attendance at The Peppermint Club. It honestly made me so fucking happy. I was so impressed. Not many artists are able to recognize that, let alone do something about it.

Shout out to Epic Records and Funeral Crew for the intimate show. Especially Maria and Derek for the invite. I was honored to be here. I step inside the forever dim room after an hour on the road (fuck LA traffic), and was welcomed with nothing but positive vibes and good energy. Was also very excited to meet Jez’ manager, Tyler, whom we already had mutual friends with. I love this venue exactly for how intimate it is. It’s almost like getting an exclusive preview to this amazing artist, before the rest of the world could see. It was definitely a vibe the minute I walked in. Only the lucky ones got drink tickets (s/o Maria).

These Jez Dior lighters are super lit. I had to steal one off the tables lined around the perimeter. Two thumbs up for marketing lmao. Jez is the vanguard of the LA-based crew called Funeral Crew, which explains a lot. This plays directly with Jez and his brand. He’s a really unique individual and I can’t wait to sit and actually have a conversation with him. When it was go-time, the curtains finally open revealing a pink and purple stage. The band was the first to debut themselves — there’s literally nothing that beats live instruments. He finally gets on stage to perform and the first song, “Relapse,” completely sold me. Along with his blue hair and tattoos. You could just tell he’s got a story to tell.

Jez must have asked the crowd to scoot in like 5x. As he should. He single-handedly made everyone turn up with him, and it was so impressive lmao. I’ve never seen an artist so bold and so confident in such a small setting. The second song, “Can’t Help Myself,” had us literally throwing our hands in the air. You know you can find me at the very front. He asked if he could play us some new shit, which was followed up with “Cinco De Mayo.” This song was FIRE. Latin vibes with the words “bonita” heard throughout. There was no way you could deny this song hits.

Jez’ hit single “Sober” definitely came into play tonight, as homeboy casually swigs Jack Daniels out of the bottle all throughout his set. His poor manager was trying to hide it after the first couple lmao I swear. That shit was comedy. He failed. But it did put Jez on a good one. His persistence and determination to get the crowd as hyped and as lit as possible was so admirable. After one last attempt to bring the crowd in, which turned out to be successful, he performs an unreleased “Nobody Knows.” You guys are definitely in for a treat. I’ve heard from multiple sources how great his new stuff is. This will come in the form of an album in the new year. And after tonight, I can’t fucking wait.

Still have to thank Maria for putting me on Jez. “Nobody Knows” is going to be the one, for sure. They all successfully pushed Jackson Gurthy, who does the chorus, on stage to perform alongside Jez. Literally, they screamed for Jackson until he had no choice but to get on stage and sing. It turned out to be the most beautiful collab ever. So beautiful, they had to play it back lmao. We weren’t mad. Jez literally had all the females (and males) giggin’. Most rappers have their hype man next to them. Jez was his own.

“Sober” closed out the show on the highest note. I was so honored to witness this <3.


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