Vin Diesel Is Buff As Hell In ‘Bloodshot’

March 15, 2020

Sunday, March 15th

Happy Sunday! I went on a run today & it was so hard. Ran to Lil Uzi’s new album though, I luh him. I’m feeling brighter than I have these past few days, which is a good thing. Definitely smoked, and am still lit lmao. Also for those who have no idea what I do, I’ve been writing every single day catching up on interviews I have to write. The movies are my temporary escape from life.

Today, we went to see Bloodshot, the new Vin Diesel movie. Honestly, our options are limited lmao. It baffles me how many trash movies are out in theatres when there’s should only be good movies playing. Like… you had one job (to not suck). ANYWAYS, shout out to my bbs Val & Corey for being my date. We hit the 4:30pm showing at AMC Burbank Town Center 6, way earlier than we usually go. It was still light out when we exited… here for it lmao.

IMDB plot: Ray Garrison, a slain soldier, is re-animated with superpowers.

Didn’t know anything about this movie other than that Vin Diesel is the star, which is reason alone to go see it. He plays the same character each movie lmao & this is definitely another action film. It got 30% on one side of Rotton Tomatoes, & 78% on the other side. That means it’s hit or miss. If you’re a Vin Diesel lover though, I can definitely see this being for you.

My take: the plot was fucking complicated. It was corny at parts, but overall it was aiiiiight. There was some dry humor throughout the movie, & I wish there were more. But it’s basically an hour & 49 minutes of Vin Diesel. If you’re into that lmao. Go see The Hunt though, that shit’s lit.

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